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  1. Point Driven Quotes

    Speaking of ‘Spiritual Maturity’ demonstrated by Jesus our Lord "He counted nothing he had too valuable to give up to become less than he was and give us Heaven.” Jack R. Taylor Personal note: We still wonder: “What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?” Psalms 8:4 I could list some gospel hymns I just thought of but.
  2. Point Driven Quotes

    Here's one I ran across in the current book I'm reading... "If the devil cannot make you proud of your attainments in the flesh, he will make you proud that you are not proud of your attainments in the flesh." Jack R. Taylor
  3. New Old Guy On The Block

    Welcome aboard.
  4. More Than Meets the Eye [Book]

    Thanks Jim. I finally got it in there!
  5. Directline Ministry

    It might be a blessing for Debbie to hear from you. Also, I have not stopped praying for your Husband and you in your new ministry.
  6. More Than Meets the Eye [Book]

    More Than Meets The Eye, Richard A. Swenson, MD, NAVPRESS, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Copyright 2000 Disclaimer: The scripture quotations used by Dr. Swenson are primarily from the MEVs, most frequently the NIV. I will only make the quotations from the 1769 KJV. Just how terrible or awesome is our God, the creator? When we think of ‘Creator of the universe’ what reference points do we use? How does our finite 3 lb. brain allow us to envision our God or His creation? I admit much of the data and many of the numbers presented herein are beyond my comprehension but, there is much about my God I won’t understand until I see Him face to face. Richard's book attempts to help us understand "what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height;" and to give us some points to battle the never ending barrage of evolutionist theory. The book may be useful when questions arise from adolescent and teenage children or grandchildren. Swenson has gathered facts from his own knowledge and scientists from many different fields of study which I believe thoroughly refute all attempts to use science to argue against God's creation. The facts are undeniable by any reasonable person. From the intricacies of the human body to the largest body God created (the universe) Swenson provides many details of all.
  7. Spirit separation service

    Yes, and I agree with comments above. Jesus stressed the "love" both as a new commandment and in fulfilling the law. Of course the latter was pointed toward a Jew but we can make application to ourselves. Paul also, cautioned us about becoming a "tinkling cymbal" so to serve is to love (1) love Christ and (2) love our neighbor as ourselves. Back to the original question, we must "be ye separate" but we must go in among them "filled with the Spirit" to serve as our Lord commanded and "be witnesses".
  8. Spirit separation service

    Howdy heartstrings, its been a while, nice to hear from you. There is a lot of "truth" in what you said above. I'm looking more at the effect of "spirit and truth" worship and not quenching the Spirit resulting in service to the local church and the lost. I suppose the best definition is Be in the world but not of the world. Or, our separation for the purpose of God using us to further His purpose.
  9. In Oswald J. Smith’s book, The Man God Uses, 1932, Fifth Impression, 1943 Marshall, Morgan & Scott, LTD., London And Edinburgh It can be found as a download or purchased on line. There are only 116 pages. I will caution you on overtures toward ‘Wesleyan Holiness’ and some use of MEVs of his day. Beyond those concerns, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges set forth while reading Smith’s book, The Man God Uses (TMGU). It can be found as a download or purchased on line. There are only 116 pages. I hope to put much of this to work in my own life. Any IFB will receive a challenge for their own service to Christ and ministry for His glory from reading TMGU. Keep in mind this book was first published in 1932, prior to WW2. But the need then was very similar to our need today. Excerpts are below: The Man God Uses Chapter 2, The Man God Uses, Pg. 9 “The trouble is that men are interested in too many things to-day to be used of God.” Chapter 2, The Man God Uses, Pg. 10 “I am not urging that you have no other interests in life. There are duties to which you are bound to give your attention. What I do insist upon is that you make them as few as possible, and above all that you consider them as secondary,” Chapter 3, The Separated Life, P.18 “The world has become so churchy and the Church so worldly that it is hard to distinguish the one from the other.” Chapter 9, The Lordship Of Jesus, P.68 “Remember, Jesus must be Lord of all, or not Lord at all.” Chapter 14, Our Most Important Work, P. 95 If soul-winning is the most important work of the church, it naturally follows that Satan will do all he can to get us side-tracked or satisfied with something else.” “But Social Service is not Salvation: and Reformation is not Regeneration.” I hope others will read this book. We need to see the challenge of Smith’s day remains the challenge of our day. More importantly we need to realize where our priority must be.
  10. Directline Ministry

    Paul and Debbie Deem have moved Directline Ministry operations to Georgia. They will be missed here in Ohio. Luanne knew the Deems from her time in S.E. Ohio. If anyone would like to follow the deems and God's miracle healing of Debbie here is the website. If you want to follow Debbie's mysterious disease and miracle healing read their newsletters.
  11. What are you thankful for?

    I'm thankful God saved me from the hell I deserved.
  12. Spirit separation service

    The statement and question below resulted from reading the introduction to a book I most recently read. I won't attempt to smooth or reformat the thought or question...here they are raw. I don’t believe you can have service where there is no Spirit and no Spirit where there is no separation. Can you show me from scripture where I might be mistaken?
  13. He did it to the library in the lounge

    Yes. Earlier this year, July 20th we had it. So, we do book and movie reviews in the lounge. I suppose if folks never left a review of either they wouldn't notice.
  14. Stay away for a while and the Book/Movie forum gets a knife in the lounge.
  15. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Yep, I believe giving, tithing, missions, and special love offerings are graces we should grow in. If you don't that's totally up to you. I will continue to grow in this grace and pray for those who don't. I will say that it won't keep either of us out of heaven; regardless of giving by using the OT tithe method or giving as the Holy Spirit teaches in the NT. Please forgive me if I've offended your position of not tithing or supporting missionaries. As for the bolded above, I meant it just the way it sounded , exactly.