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  1. "Religion, so far as it is genuine, is in essence the response of created personalities to the Creating Personality, God." A.W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God
  2. Do you have any quotes from Christians which have encouraged or you found extremely uplifting for your Christian walk? I found the reference to McCheyne from reading Tozer's The Pursuit of God. While searching for 'McCheyne' I found The Biography of Robert Murray M'Cheyne (McCheyne) written by Andrew A. Bonar. Here's is the quotation of McCheyne found in the aforementioned biography... "It is a remarkable feeling to be quite alone in a desert place; it gives similar feelings to fasting; it brings God near." I thought it might be rewarding to hear from others with Christian quotations which have stirred their heart or spirit. Tozer himself is full of great quotes.
  3. I appreciate your prayer too. I have to wait on reading of the xrays. I'm thankful all went well with you. I think most of us hope for God's answers to satisfy our preference, I know I do. So when we get the desired answer give an extra shout of praise!
  4. Made me wonder (my old lightbulb flickers from time to time). If I had a set of decking plate pullers I wonder if I could pull out the window to get to a victim or...rob your house? Have you ever attempted to rob your house by pulling out the windows (if I just had the knee slap laughing emoticon).
  5. Bob, I've read the Bible through but I get so much more out of it if I slow down. Yes, I agree, the 'through the Bible reading' might be better for a new Christian beginning in the NT. But for any of us who have read it more than once from Genesis through Revelation, I say start wherever you want. For that matter alternate between OT and NT. I think you would agree, read it in one fashion or another is most important.
  6. My sentiments exactly, if I ever have a weapon I'm not going to talk about it.
  7. I'm still praying for them.
  8. As far as the Father is concerned the U.S.A. is just another one of the isles, another part of His creation. It will burn with a fervent heat too. Not to worry Orval none of us trusting in the Blessed Hope are putting any hope in a president or prime minister. My only prayers regarding Trump is he gets saved and lasts long enough to get at least one SCOTUS justice in place.
  9. I have some xrays tomorrow myself...I prayed for you and the doctors (and me too).
  10. How far north have those rock pythons come? I know they will attack pets and small children. They are very stealthy and tenacious when hungry. Have they attacked any adults?
  11. Our nation's time is still by God's forbearance alone. Many here have a renewed sense of national pride as I'm sure Britain does too but, one day they will be deceived as we all know. I can't help but believe that time is very short.
  12. Nice to have you back Celina.
  13. Well, I hoped you all would vote to leave.
  14. Sometimes I just assume everyone has the same information I do. I really am sorry I didn't mention the Strong's earlier. I have to use it for Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek definitions. Now, good hunting. NN, thanks for helping Roselove get the feel for it.
  15. Roselove, I know it may be after the fact but, you did look at Strongs Concordance as a source for defining the "believeth" in John 3:16? I don't know Greek so I have to use my Strong's. Just didn't want to leave a stone unturned.