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  1. Any present or former postal workers?

    It does have to do with processing centers and the class of mail it was entered into the USPS system. State lines don't dictate where to most economically process it. Think of it this way, could an ant crawling on your ear get to your left hand if it was not touching your head (no matter how close your hand was to your head). If there was a large enough demand to develop a mail route connection those two hundred miles it would still be a process to develop and establish it. If those Gospel of John booklets were sent "media" mail (the cheapest rate available) they do go much more slowly as First class mail receives priority for using our man power to process the mail. When you get home from the store and you are in a hurry you put your ice cream away before you put your canned goods away. Media mail is restricted to printed matter, music and taped (cds) material. It cannot contain any advertisement or personal messages. This class is designed to save you big bucks mailing books and can be opened to verify its contents to fit the mail class. We inherited a government system in 1971 and became "quasi government" . We do not receive any money from the government but we are still largely controlled by it restricting how we run our business. For instance the USPS is still required to provide you with one free delivery point for your mail. We spend millions and millions of dollars driving mail around to distant rural mail boxes for which there is no charge except a 49 cent stamp. There are many other facets connected to delivery problems, many including poor addressing or mail preparation, wrongly addressed items. If you would really like to get a specific answer to your specific problem talk to your local post office or call 1800 ASK USPS. That works out 1 800 275 8777. By the way I am currently a postmaster in northern California.