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  1. I must apologize for the tone of my post. I read most of the posts and it was tiresome to see the tone of some of those. I did not consider the whole matter and skipped past the posts closer to the end. My point was well stated by many others and I did not need to add to them. The last post is very clear.
  2. I read the KJV because of the agenda to minimize major doctrines in all the others. KJV has no copyright. The other versions are based corrupted manuscripts. I have responded the question and subject of this thread. GP you are kibitzing and tempting confusion if you dispute my answer (or others ) . You will stand before God as we all will. Even if you respond to this I will not reply as it is foolish to do so. If you want to start another thread to push your agenda and the moderators allow , go ahead. God is not the author of confusion .
  3. Amen!! I struggle with leading as I should. Being spiritually "lazy" causes many problems for everyone involved. Thank you for this post.
  4. I have a couple of things to add here and couple of questions. I say this as someone who is also in the situation you describe, except I was the perpetrator. I have now for years experienced the wonderful grace, mercy and love of God through my Godly wife. It is not always easy for her and there are consequences of sin but each day is a new gift and an opportunity to 1) obey God and bring glory to Him and 2) strive to be worthy of trust and love offered. I praise God for where we are in our marriage. As humans we cannot forgive and forget like God. We can remember that the offense was forgiven. We were all unrepentant sinners at one time. After Paul prays that we would realize the unlimited height and breadth and depth of love in Eph. 3 he goes on to say (verse 20 and 21) " Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Unto Him be the glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end . Amen." I would suggest you apply this verse to what God can do in YOUR life pertaining to your walk with Him, then apply the same verse to your expectations of your wife and marriage. He can do far more with a situation then we can imagine IF we don't limit him in our lives. Question . Would God receive more glory and praise if a marriage were restored than if a divorce was initiated? Question. In the story of the prodigal son, how does your wife perceive you? The forgiving loving Father? Or the older brother wanting "justice"? 1/2 a year (only 180 days) is but a breath of time in a lifetime and less than that in eternity.
  5. She is wonder. She has written volumes over the years. I am glad she has OLB as an outlet to share her writings as the Lord leads.
  6. It brings tears to my eyes to read her testimony. She allows the Spirit lead her in her writing as well as her life. I am truly blessed to have her as my helpmeet.
  7. Once again I must say what a blessing it is to have her in my life. God knew just who I needed. Words escape me right now to comment further but I will get some of my testimony down on "paper" to help accentuate hers. Thank you Lord.
  8. No need to apologize. I am proud to say she is my wife of 42 years. She is a wonder.!!!. I have observed many of the attributes of God in her and am learning more all the time.
  9. I especially like this because I reap the blessings of her loving the Lord so much. I will try to add more later and share some of my own testimony. I am grateful God provided her for me. He knew how much I need her.
  10. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second,,,,,,, Genesis 1:3 " And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. " No "gap" there.
  11. I have been dealing lately with a group that holds to a flat earth theory, that all pictures from space are faked, we never went to the moon, (who knows?), and so on. It sems odd to me in a day when people not only fly around the earth on a regular basis, but have sailed around it, (as I have), and that all navigation is based on a round earth, so it wouldn't work on a flat earth, and they base it all on when the Lord said He would cause the sun to move back 10 degrees, and that He caused the sun to stay still in the sky during a battle. I admit that biblically, it is hard to argue, as, if this is ALL we had to work with, it seems clear. But, they can't even say how, if the earth is flat and everything moves around it, how that even happens. Why are there time zones? Why is it night time in Australia when it is day time here? How would seasons even work? They refuse to answer anything, just quote those verses and demand photographic evidence that 'isn't photoshopped." Sad, really. Mike Here is an interesting "article" given to us years ago. It will confirm the unreasonable conclusions of some people when viewing facts. " For years, it has been believed that the electric bulbs emitted light, but recent information has proven otherwise. Electric bulbs don't emit light, they suck dark. Thus we call these bulbs Dark Suckers. The dark sucker theory proves the existence of dark suckers; proves that dark has mass and is heavier than light. It also proves that dark is faster than light. First , the basis of the Dark Sucker theory is that electric bulbs suck dark. For example, take the dark sucker in the room you are in. There is much less dark right next them than there is elsewhere. The larger the dark sucker, the greater its capacity to suck dark. Dark suckers in a parking lot have a much greater capacity than the ones in this room. As will all things, dark suckers don't last forever. Once they are full of dark they can no longer suck dark. This is proven by the black spot on a full dark sucker. A candle is a primitive dark sucker. A new candle has a white wick. You will notice that after its first use the wick turns black , representing all the dark that has been sucked into it. If you put a pencil next to the wick of an operating candle it will turn black; because it got in the way of the dark flowing into the candle. On disadvantage of these primitive dark suckers is their limited range. Also, there are portable dark suckers. In these the bulbs can't handle all of the dark by themselves and must be aided by a Dark Storage unit. When the storage unit is full, it must either be emptied or replaced before the portable dark sucker can operate again. Dark has mass. When dark goes into a dark sucker, friction from this mass generates heat. Thus it is wise not to touch an operating dark sucker. Candles represent a special problem as the mass must travel into a solid wick instead of through clear glass. This generates a great amount of heat. There it is not wise to touch an operating candle. Also, dark is heavier than light. If you were to swim just below the surface of lake you would see a lot of light. If you were to slowly swim deeper and deeper you will notice it getting slowly darker and darker. When you got real deep you would be in total darkness. This is because the heavier dark sinks to the bottom of the lake and the lighter light floats to the top. That is why it's called light. Finally, we must prove that dark is faster than light. If you were to stand in al lighted room in front of a closed , dark closet and slowly open the door, you would see the light slowly enter the closet. But since the dark is so fast, you will not be able to see the dark leave the closet. In conclusion, we have proven the Dark Sucker theory. Next time you see an electric bulb, remember , its a dark sucker." Bottom line................. people will believe what they want.
  12. Thank you very much for the quick reply. Just read that verse this a.m. I guess us considering a day starting in the morning would fall under Gods thoughts not being our thoughts. Another thought is we say the sun rises but know it is the earth doing the moving.
  13. I heard about a blonde who was paranoid and dyslexic.......... she always thought she was following someone.!
  14. Genesis 1:5 says " And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day." It is interesting that God said the evening and the morning were the first day rather than the morning and the evening were the first day. It this somehow related to the Jewish system of days?
  15. I have been holding off adding anything to this thread but will add to this last thought as my dad was a pastor for all his life. I have seen him many times be a "as wise as serpents but harmless as doves". Several times he would wisely "investigate" the situation of someone wanting help. Both by talking with the askee and sometimes a phone call or two to verify. Some times he would offer a temporary job and the "applicant" would just mysteriously leave. Proverbs 18:13 comes into play( I won't quote it, if you really want to see what it says you will look it up) . Also another scripture I read plays into this . Proverbs 29:9 reminded me of this thread. There was a lion walking through the jungle and came upon a smaller cat. He grabbed him and demanded" Who' s the king of the jungle?" The small cat said , " You are Oh mighty lion!" The lion felt satisfied and went on and came upon a monkey. He cornered him and demanded "Who''s the king of the jungle?!" The monkey replied shakily "You are oh mighty lion!" Very pleased he went on. He came upon an elephant and confronted him and demanded "Who's the king of the jungle!?" The elephant looked at him and grabbed him with his trunk , shook him and dropkicked him about 2 hundred yards. The lion got up an yelled at the elephant "Well you don't have to get mad cause you don't know the answer!" So my question is where do you fit in this story. More to the point some one is standing firm in his own opinion and not bringing ANY glory to our Lord and Saviour. There are so MANY things we could talk about that would bring glory to God and edify the listener. My other question is where are the moderators in this issue? I will not respond any more to this . I will not answer a fool according to his folly and "some men's sins are open before hand and some they follow after" God will answer everything that needs to be answered.