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  1. The Trail of Blood

    The trail of blood book is generally accurate but not very detailed. There are other books that expand on its history like The Battle for Baptist History by I.k.cross or My Church by J.M.Moody
  2. Churches

    You've also got missionary baptist churches that are pentecostal with mainly African American people. I go to independent missionary baptist but they believe all gifts have ceased aside from faith hope and love. So yeah best to see what a church actually believes rather than its designated label
  3. Christ Consciousness

    Not so much music as 'guided meditation'. Given a tape to listen to that is meant to assist you in being 'one' with the universe or a animal or object. Although there was atmospheric music in the background - similar to the alpha brain wave sleep music you can get on you tube. We didn't call what we were doing 'New Age' or 'Mystic' either, we called it 'mutli-level healing' We used to go out into a village near a ski field and meditate among the rocks and forest in the area. Felt good... but the foundation? Shifting sands! It is the bible that never shifts and stands firm.. the Word of God.
  4. Christ Consciousness

    About 15 years ago I was into New Age/Mystic beliefs. I believe I was saved before getting into them. You may say.. how can that be? But you gotta understand that 1) I didn't know my bible very well then-- I was about 21 and 2 )had been going to so called churches that teach vague doctrine. The other thing though.. is that when you are in these circles.. a lot of people will actually say 'we INCLUDE christians..we accept all religions' The group I was in would actually talk about putting on the 'Christ consciousness' This is not treating Christ as God though.. it's being like a gnostic and absorbing all knowledge about Jesus and trying to be Jesus. It's not 'putting on the mind of Christ' but treating Jesus as just another spiritual force to be drawn from. Anyway.. what experience have you all had with mystic/new age religion? (I know this covers a huge area of beliefs)
  5. Early church eternal security

    I think this line of reasoning also applies to gifts of the Holy Spirit. I imagine the early churches accepted faith hope and love as remaining gifts without needing to declare for a long time. Then with Pentecostalism and Charismatic influence later you see the reasoning of the cessation of spiritual gifts aside from faith hope and love being written about.
  6. Baptists that came out of the Reformation

    I agree with you that real baptist churches have been around since the first NT churches. Look at a book that records these churches in the Valleys of Piedemont in the Alps and Valleys I think of France that ran from persecution and lived in the mountains and valleys-- separate from Roman Catholics and before the Reformation. There pattern of doctrine is after the NT churches pattern and true baptist churches now adhere to very much the same pattern. Another book regarding this is the Battle for Baptist History by I.K.Cross There is also the Trail of Blood-- although I know this book kinda needs other books with it to tease it out more. It's credible history... but put in a way that is easily misunderstood. What I am curious about is the UK have their Baptist Union.. and that is where the NZ Baptist churches came out of. The NZ Baptist churches website has a pentecostal type of statement of faith. The UK baptist union.. looks like another reformation line -- the same kind of teaching and liberalisation of scriptures. But maybe like you say.. it used to have biblically straight baptist churches and then over time took on heresies.