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  1. Why is Steven Anderson hated?

    Faithful Word accidentally gives the gospel to more homos than the people that say hes wrong for hating them. Romans 1 clearly says that God made them that way. I could say that the preachers that the preachers who love homos hate hindu's and muslims, because they are destroying their testimony to them. It is still illegal in many places. Do you think its a coincidence that we just now started siding with the world on this issue? Like, christians of the past didnt understand, but now we finally understand that we should love them.
  2. Why is Steven Anderson hated?

    Great post bro matt!
  3. Why is Steven Anderson hated?

    Youre correct I am a fan. I, like 1000's of others, was saved by his youtube videos.
  4. Why is Steven Anderson hated?

    I am sure not everyone that goes out is thorough with presenting the gospel, but that isnt because Anderson isnt teaching a thorough presentation. None of this is the reason that he is hated. I mean more than half of IFB preachers dont even go soul winning and I dont see anyone hating on them. It's really ridiculous.
  5. Why is Steven Anderson hated?

    So I guess Anderson is supposed to force people to come to church, get baptized, and teach them. The numbers of people that truly get saved is irrelevant, the point is they are putting in the work that most are failing to do. Only criticism comes from the brethren and accusing them of not presenting the gospel correctly...like they just walk up quote john 3:16 and ask them to pray.
  6. Why is Steven Anderson hated?

    Idk...I think he has 300-350 that come on sunday. Obviously,.most people that get saved dont automatically start coming to church and living a christian life.
  7. Why is Steven Anderson hated?

    Anderson isn't only hated by the world, but he is hated by the brethren. Why? IMO even if one disagrees with his stance on Israel or the rapture, you would have to see his love for the lost. What is the true measure of love? FWBC is winning like 100 per week, why would any christian want him to go away?
  8. Salvation question

    I have a question regarding salvation. I believe we are saved when we believe in the gospel....the moment. BUT, when I got saved I didn't really feel saved until I grew more as a christian, my faith grew, strengthened, and confirmed that i was indeed a child of God. Sometimes I doubt that I was saved at that moment, because I didn't feel like it. On the other hand, I don't believe we are saved on confidence, but all faith we have on Jesus and 0 on everything else. In other words, it doesn't matter how much faith we have, just that it all must be on him. Thoughts?