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  1. Wise Counsel (work situation)

    I Got a job Praise God! In two weeks I'll be being trained on small engine repair! Thank you to everyone for your input and anyone that has prayed!
  2. Wise Counsel (work situation)

    Thank you Swath and Brother Stafford. I'm going to hand out some resumes today.
  3. Wise Counsel (work situation)

    Fortunately it's nothing like that. It's really just a very sad situation, I guess I just feel that I am somehow supporting they're sin.
  4. Wise Counsel (work situation)

    My conscience does not always feel right about it, and the only way that I've been able to justify it is by looking at it as a way of bringing them closer to the Lord. I like what you say about seeing if it's worth making the witnessing the primary goal. That is a good idea. I do worry about them, actually I work for a few different people right now that seem to be very backsliden or at the worst nominal Christians, it's becoming a pattern. I will say that because of working for this couple, I had the opportunity to meet the neighbor and do some work for him as well and got to share my faith with him. He's asked me to keep working for him from time to time.
  5. Wise Counsel (work situation)

    I'm sorry Alan, I'm not sure where I might have made it seem that I'm not getting paid. They do pay me. My issue was whether or not it is right to be working on the house seeing that they are living there together unmarried. I talked to my pastor about it the other day and he said I should keep the job and just pray for the opportunity to be a good witness to them. Another man I go to church with thought maybe I should look for a different job. I was just feeling guilty and wondering if God's word has anything to say about this. I'm probably just taking this whole thing a little far... I have a tendency to do that.
  6. Wise Counsel (work situation)

    I' am in need of a little good counselling on a situation with my job. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I have been remodeling this house for about 4 months or so now. It belongs to my friends mom. Before she bought it I already knew that I'd be working on it. She professes to be a Christian but she lives with a man who she is not married to, who also says he's a Christian. Anyways she bought the house and has moved in with this man, and I have been their main helper on the project. After a couple months I started wondering whether or not God wants me helping these people with their house. The way I see it is I am helping them make their place into a nice cozy place where they can live on in their fornication as long as they want. If they did not profess to be Christian's then I probably wouldn't be thinking twice about it other than to witness to them and pray for them. If I was working for them but it was for a professional business that had nothing to do with where they live I probably would not see an issue with it either. Is there any place in God's Word that would tell me it is wrong for me to be helping them with their house? The only scripture that comes to mind for me is 1 Cor 5:11; but now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one do not eat. (One day I talked with the man and asked him if they were ever going to get married, and he said yes. I said that would be great and that that would probably be better in God's eyes. He told me he wasn't concerned about that and that God was not pulling on his heart about it. This same man told me he doesn't go to church because he says there is too many "enforcers" there. As a boss, I've come to respect the man, but his spiritual condition is not looking good.)
  7. Guidance needed

    Thanks Don! BTW Welcome to the forum!
  8. I Saw God

    I Saw God by William Leroy Stidger I saw God bare his soul one day Where all the earth might see The stark and naked heart of him On lonely Calvary. There was a crimson sky of blood And overhead a storm; When lightning slit the clouds And light engulfed his form. Beyond the storm a rainbow lent A light to every clod, And on that cross mine eyes beheld The naked soul of God.