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  1. Freemasonary in the midst of the brethren

    I know that I can do research myself. I was asking you where you got your information. Your answer seems to be that you're friend told you and a generic claim that the information is out there and commonly believed. Are you saying that all drug addicts are the same thing and vice versa or are you making an unkind joke at the expense of both of them? I ask this because I used to be a drug addict and was unaware that, according to you, I was also a witch at the same time.
  2. Freemasonary in the midst of the brethren

    Did you read this somewhere or is that what your "witnessing compadre" told you? It's not meant to be a confrontation; I'm just wondering where you got that information.
  3. Stop Lying About It!

    Just adding my opinion here. Unless profanity has been used, I'm not a big fan of editing posts to remove things to which people have taken offense. I much prefer clarification, retraction and apology and leaving the original posts the way they were. Returning to past posts to remove content disrupts continuity and makes it difficult for others to follow. Also, I believe it is a good example to others to leave the original content and apologize/clarify/retract in a later post. This allows others to see how appropriate and courteous resolution is to be conducted.
  4. The Mysteries of Life and the Questions They Pose

    If you're cross-eyed and dyslexic, can you see ok?
  5. The big four - oh (40)

    I thought your beard showed a bit more age than that, but I didn't want to say something and hurt your feelings. :)
  6. The Mysteries of Life and the Questions They Pose

    Why do they call them apartments when they're all stuck together?
  7. I want to write a blog post about asking others for help instead of stubbornly relying upon one's self or giving up entirely when confronted with a problem. I am trying to think of biblical support for this subject, but I'm drawing a blank, for some reason. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Best Perennial Veggies and Fruits

    I'm going to be planting as many edible perennials as I can this year. Does anyone have recommendations for good, high yield perennials? This is what I am planning so far: Asparagus Jerusalem Artichoke (sunchoke) Raspberries Blueberries Blackberries By the way, I'm in Southeast Michigan (Zone 6a)
  9. Prince of Egypt

    Recently, I was asked by a friend of mine if I would recommend that she let her 5 year old daughter watch the Disney animated film, Prince of Egypt. I have never seen the film, but from what I know of Disney films, I said, "Absolutely not." She said she was confused because everyone said it was a good Christian film and that it was biblically accurate. I decided to see what people think is a biblically accurate Disney film and so, tonight, I watched it. I just finished it a few moments ago. I must say that I am not surprised that Hollywood had produced another biblically inaccurate film to add to the scores of others. It does surprise me how many professing Christians actually believe the film is biblically accurate. Very little of the film followed the Exodus account. Even when they included accuracies, they had to simultaneously include falsehoods. When they put Moses in the basket in the river (true) they showed it dodging a number of dangerous, near death happenings, like being hauled in by fishing nets and almost being hit by a number of ships. They show Moses confronting Pharaoh, but it is Zipporah by his side instead of Aaron. Zipporah, by the way, is shown to be an outspoken, rebellious woman with the ability to use a whip as a weapon, free herself from guards and is shown dressed like a prostitute. They also play up the fiction of Moses and Ramases being best friends. They insert ridiculous fictions and omit numerous essential aspects of the story. The inaccuracies, outright contradictions and inappropriate scenes are too numerous to list outside of a full critique. I wonder if any of the Christians, who are fans of the film, have ever read one line of the book of Exodus. Some say that Hollywood tries its best, but they just don't know any better because it's not a Christian industry. I say Hollywood most definitely knows precisely what they are doing when they make films like this. They are so completely off the mark that one can come to no other conclusion than that they do it to intentionally muddle God's truths. Treat Biblical accounts the same way as comic book fiction and God is no more real than Shrek, yet a Spiderman is possible. Is it any wonder why The Shack has been so warmly embraced by the "Christian community?"
  10. Churchless again

    Well folks, I am once again without a church. I have been attending a local Independent Fundamental Baptist church. There are four teenage girls and three women in their early thirties that dress very immodestly for church, or for anywhere else for that matter. They wear skin tight yoga pants, low cut tight tops, miniskirts, loads of make up, a few of them have multi colored hair and they are often on their cell phones. Lately, they also all seem to enjoy sitting in the front two rows. Being a new attendee, but not yet a member, I have tried to ignore it, but it is next to impossible, since they sit in the front. I have had to look down at my knees or out the window the entire time, which makes it look like I am not paying attention. The pastor approached me about three weeks ago and asked me, in a light hearted way, if his sermons were boring me, because I was always looking everywhere except at him. I told him that it's because I don't want to look at the girls and women who are dressed in the way I described. He chuckled and said that he's working on it, but they just don't seem to want to listen to his "suggestions" on the matter. He said, "It's just not an issue I want to make a big deal about right now. At least they're coming, right?" I spoke with him earlier today and I politely asked him if there was any way that he could at least get them to sit at the back of the church so the rest of us can attend services without having to avert our eyes the entire time. Well, you would have thought that I had just called him a sodomite, by the way he responded. He got red in the face and told me that he didn't need some "impatient, weak willed pervert" telling him how to run his church; especially when they're not even a member. When he stopped speaking, I looked at him for a moment, stood up, put my coat on, said, "Goodbye, Pastor," and walked out of his office. This is the third self-proclaiming IFB church, in my area, that I have tried and have found enough of an issue that I could not remain attending. I have been trying to practice patience with certain things, knowing that there is no such thing as a perfect church, but churches that don't believe in soul-winning, allow pastor's wives to fill in when the pastor is ill, allow hyper-sensual dress in church &c. are not churches that I can attend in good conscience. So, I'm on the hunt again.
  11. Hovind Hypocrisy

    I used to admire Kent Hovind. A great deal of his work on Creation vs Evolution is very sound and helpful. However, his integrity was called into question, for me, when he was sent to prison. When he was released, he immediately and obsessively began the process of re-starting his Dinosaur Adventure Land. By watching his daily videos, more and more of his quirkiness in conspiracy theories were becoming apparent. His wife divorced him, he remarried a divorced woman (claiming God told him to) and has recommended others do the same. He obsesses about his court case and Dinosaur Adventure Land and he openly and unapologetically antagonizes and ridicules atheists and Theistic Evolution proponents. He claims that the whole purpose for DAL is to share the Gospel with people, but his constant public belittling of others seems to suggest otherwise. I have had a growing feeling that his real focus is on the business and success of DAL and book sales. I just received a copy of his book, "The Kennel" which I ordered from him. With few exceptions, I use fake names when I order things online in order to maintain as much anonymity as possible and I did so when I ordered The Kennel. I mention this because he has no idea who I am or what my beliefs are. Included with the book, was a "newsletter." See if you can spot the things with which I take issue: He has made it his priority to address the lost as "morons" in the very first sentence. If I was skeptical or seeking, this would certainly not make me feel comfortable to contact him to ask him questions. He then goes on to promote his Creation Science Evangelism ministry. Next up, he boasts about upsetting atheists and evolutionists, calling it "hilarious." A curious method of attempting to convince the lost of their error and to share the Gospel with them. He spends the rest of the letter promoting DAL, asking for volunteers, asking for money, boasting about his videos and calling attention to his legal battle. For someone who supposedly has such an undying passion for sharing the Gospel, he dedicates a total of five words, at the end of the letter, to evangelism: "Go win someone to Jesus!" However, he made sure to spend some time to clarify his view on the post-trib/pre-trib issue and to promote his book on end times. I spoke to him on the phone once and asked him why he never talks about going out soul-winning. He told me that he tried it years ago and that it just doesn't work. He said it's much easier and, he believes, much more effective, to have an attraction where they can "come to you and you can deal with them on your own turf." He enthusiastically endorses the book, "The Shack" (you know, the book that portrays God as a black woman who doesn't need to punish sin) while promoting his suggestion to "eat the meat and spit out the bones." What happened to, "(Matthew 16:6) "...Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees." To encourage people, especially the lost or new Christians, to read literature that mixes atrocious heresies with small bits of truth, and to tell them to take what's good and to leave the bad, is dangerous and unbiblical. While Hovind has some accurate and helpful information on Creationism, he surrounds himself with and promotes enough poison that I feel the need to tell people to avoid him completely.
  12. Gardening Section: Yea or Nay?

    This is my first poll, so I hope I did it right. I'm just trying to get a feel for how people would respond to a gardening section on the OB
  13. Preaching Preference

    How many of you prefer hard preaching? Admonishing and fire & brimstone preaching is to what I am referring.