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  1. How to Apply the Seven Habits?

    First, I'd probably ask one of the women of the church to speak to her. It wouldn't be quite right to have a man talk to her. It's hard to do. Fortunately, I've never been in that situation. I have NO idea what I'd say! So...my advice is to find an older woman of the church to speak to her.
  2. Raising Children

    Good luck with that. The best parents in the world are the one that don't have kids.
  3. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    then if you want to put it in terms of my little corner of the world...what others do is of no matter to me, right? I'm too old to have to worry about getting pregnant, my daughter had her tubes tied after her second child (and lost custody and rights to them when she chose to deal drugs and ended up in prison) and I have no more girl children to worry about. Because of a woman's irresponsibility in having a child she had no business having and my son who's also a blooming idiot who cannot care for that child, I will be turning my life upside down, including moving, to care for the unwanted grandson of mine. We are waiting on the final CPS determination and meeting with our housing caseworker to see how fast they can get us into a bigger apartment. I love my grandson beyond reason but I can't help but think that maybe his parents had no business bringing him into this world to be abandoned by both his parents and his current guardians who are known violent drug addicts and alcoholics. So...there you have it. I love him beyond reason...however, the adults in his life have inflicted more pain and abuse on him in his 4 short years on earth than he deserves. Now, Nona and Poppa will be dealing with a child who will need a whole lot and neither one of us really have what it takes to dedicate our lives to a 4 year old. I'm 52, hub is 54. Neither one of us is thrilled about this...but we do what we have to do.
  4. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    And in those cases (of which I know a few), do you think that perhaps the parents should receive aid to care for these children? Or should they also be forced to bear the unbelievable financial, emotional, physical costs too? Do you think that in those cases EVERY THING should be done to try to keep the child alive? I asked you to read those articles because those are articles that are part of what has formed my conscience on this matter. I guess you don't quite understand that I take NOTHING at face value. I research everything...comes from a long history of being the engineering type I am.
  5. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    Did you read the articles I linked to? What did you think of them? Do you see where the whole pro-life issue went from a non-issue to an issue? Do you see where you have been duped and twisted? Therefore the only answer you will get to me is that while you choose to use such inflammatory language, I will not answer. Back down on the rhetoric, read the articles I linked and then maybe we can be on the same page on this discussion.
  6. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    You are failing to see a very nuanced position. You are also failing to see that abortion was a total non-issue to the Christian community (except for the Catholics) until after 1980, a full 7 years after the Roe v. Wade decision. You are also failing to see that since the SCOTUS decision in 1973, there have been Republican administrations in power for 23 of the last 44 years...and well...it has yet to be overturned. I think that before anyone else attempts to answer this, especially given the title of this thread, they may want to do some research on the rise of the "Religious Right" and the "Moral Majority". http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2003/januaryweb-only/1-20-31.0.html?start=1 http://billmoyers.com/2014/07/17/when-southern-baptists-were-pro-choice/ https://www.onfaith.co/onfaith/2013/01/22/roe-v-wade-anniversary-how-abortion-became-an-evangelical-issue/11238 Time to do a wee bit of homework here. These are but a few of the articles that have formed my opinions on the subject. Therefore...the idea of a "shrinking brain" in my case is not truth.
  7. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    I am opposed to abortion once the pregnancy has been established. However, I have no problem with birth control as properly used, IUD, the pill, etc. Contrary to what has been said, the IUD thins the uterine lining and stops ovulation (no menses, no ovulation). The same with the pill. No menses, no ovulation. However...once again...I find it problematic, especially in cases of catastrophic birth defects, genetic defects. I have never had to deal with that, thank God, but I have friends who have had to. Some chose to terminate the pregnancy and others have not. The closest I got was choosing to terminate life support on my already born child when it became obvious that he would never have a life worth living (bilateral Grade IV brain hemorrhage). He was 11 days old and passed from this world in my arms.
  8. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    I am simply indicating the inability to have a consistent plan of anything. You want long term contraception, then some fertilized eggs might get flushed out. Personally, I hold to the medical definition of pregnancy, when the egg implants in the uterine lining and the HCG levels in the woman start rising...but what do I know, I've only been pregnant 9 times, birthed 4 children and managed to take 3 home from the hospital. I find the entire abortion question problematic. I oppose making it illegal, as I can see a return to the bad old days of back alley abortions and babies thrown in dumpsters. Making anything illegal is not an answer. You see how well prohibition worked. As I have stated before...I believe comprehensive sex education, easy access to contraception, and attempting to change hearts is the solution. Not heavy-handed legislation. I know this view is also unpopular, but it's ok...I'm good with that. I will not tolerate any name calling, or disparaging remarks on my character. I've had a very long time and quite a few experiences in my life to come to my views. I do not do "knee-jerk" opinions on anything. I outgrew that a long time ago.
  9. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    So, what is the solution? Women keep having babies they can't or won't raise. Ok..so, contraception. Preferably long term like an IUD. Oh no...that MIGHT kill a fertilized egg...can't have that either. So...what's the solution? In an ideal world of Christian values, women would get married and responsibly have only the children they can reasonably raise...but...it doesn't work that way either... Education: funding keeps getting cut. With the new idiot in DC, the public education system will end up dismantled. Then what? We will have a bunch of people with no education, no ability to hold down even the most rudimentary job, and then what? Let them just shrivel up and die? TANF increases for subsequent children is a strawman...even in Alaska...http://dhss.alaska.gov/dpa/Pages/atap/default.aspx Alaska Temporary Assistance Program: Imposes a 60-month lifetime limit on assistance Limits additional assistance for second parents, and reduces benefits for two-parent families during July, August, and September when there are better opportunities for employment Requires families to complete a Family Self-Sufficiency Plan, identify self-sufficiency goals and work or participate in activities that will move them toward those goals Requires cooperation with the Child Support Services Division in establishing paternity for the children, locating the absent parent, and collecting any child support the absent parent is responsible for paying Prohibits making purchases with or accessing cash benefits on EBT cards at any ATMs that are located in bars, liquor stores, gambling or adult entertainment establishments. Income Limits and Maximum Payments 1/1/2016 TO 12/31/2016 Household Size 2 3 4 5 6 Each Addt’l Income Limit $1,412 $1,590 $1,767 $1,945 $2,122 $178 Maximum Payment $821 $923 $1,025 $1,127 $1,229 $102 Now...care to try to tell me some more? Stop buying the anecdotal rubbish. Here's the law for Alaska. Here's the money they get. Does this really sound like the budget busting line item you think it is? Also, how did those counties vote in the last election? Red or Blue?
  10. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    My point exactly. Why I support social safety nets. Strong social safety nets. It is easier to talk to someone about the gospel when their stomach isn't growling, when they aren't dirty and cold. But, that makes me a "dirty lib" among some of those here. It's ok though...I have to follow what I believe, untainted by the propaganda of the world.
  11. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    Oh my goodness! SO, you give a homeless man a tract, tell him "be warm and well fed" and keep going? Really? How about giving him a hand up? Government has to do the job because it is too big a job for a single entity or group of entities. Realistically, it would be lovely if it could be a one to one deal. But, it isn't. And, your opposition to all this and the language you've used shows me that you are opposed to certain things because of reasons I don't think are quite biblical. You fell for the "welfare queen" description that has been so thoroughly debunked. As I stated above, I AM a welfare recipient who has benefitted from government programs. I wish you could see that for every bogus baloney news story you hear, there are thousands just like me who are able to get back on our feet after being kicked in the teeth. The strongest opposition to welfare programs comes from those who are actually the greatest recipients of them...West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, these states are "deep red" and very Christian...and take MORE welfare dollars than the inner cities of Detroit and New York. Yet, nothing is EVER said about the generations of welfare recipients in the hollers and the mountains. Why? Think about it...long and hard. See what kind of propaganda you're ingesting and then think about it again.
  12. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    I would encourage you to read this article, if you dare... http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/05/religious-right-real-origins-107133#.VMP8NiwrjIV and see where you've been led down a primrose path that had it's beginnings in bigotry and hate.
  13. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    Scripture for my social justice beliefs: Matthew 25:31-46 Micah 6:8 James 1:27 And as one who has been greatly helped by government programs, including HUD-VASH, the VA, Medicaid, I do not want to see these programs go away. I'm sorry if you can't understand this, but without those programs, I would be homeless, my husband would be dead and I'd probably be trying to end my life on a regular basis, until I succeeded. I once thought as you do until life hit us in the face. At that point you have no idea how thankful I am for the programs that got us off the streets, got our medical needs met, We are not young, we have worked all our lives, until things came crashing down. You've fallen for the propaganda. It's not Christian, you've been sold a bill of goods. It started with good ol' Ronnie Reagan and the "Moral Majority" back in the late 70's, early 80's. The joy of being a critical thinker unwilling to walk in lockstep with anyone.
  14. Proof of the shrinking American brain.

    I could not support any of the candidates. Due to my own reading of scriptures, I lean more heavily towards social justice. (This is gonna get me fried here, but hear me out). I find that if I must hold a pro-life position, it must be a consistent pro-life position. That means looking at EVERY person as a beloved and unique creation of God. If I am to be pro-life, it means that I believe that everyone deserves housing, food, education, clothing and medical care. If it could be accomplished through the churches, then that would be best, however, there are very few churches with the resources necessary to do this. If it can be accomplished at the local level, then that would be good. Personally, I'd prefer to see it top down coming from DC. A standard group of regulations, and a standard time-frame. I work at a school that does professional retraining, helping people either join or re-join the workforce. There needs to be more of what I do, We teach people marketable job skills, geared to our area. I am in favor of this...and while people are in training, providing them everything else they need to be successful. A year or two of support pays off in the long run. As regards healthcare, I am fully in favor of single payer, universal health care. Maybe it's because I know way too many people who are terrified that loss of a job would mean the loss of their healthcare. Also, think about this one...if you didn't have to stay saddled to a job for healthcare, would you branch out? Would you perhaps go into ministry full time or start a charity or a non-profit? How much could you do if you didn't have to worry about keeping health insurance?
  15. Bible College

    Still a student...Although I think I've reached Master's level coursework now.