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  1. Cutting Children off

    My children are grown. They got plenty of deserved discipline as they grew up...they were very strong willed and had all sorts of outside influences in their ears...including my mother. They chose to turn against everything I tried to teach them They lied, cheated and stole from me, including both my grandmothers' wedding bands and my mother's engagement ring (stolen to pawn for drug money) out of MY OWN HOUSE when we took them in while they were homeless. They bought into the world's idea that any form of punishment was abuse. If I said the sky was blue, they'd say it was red and then have a FIT if I told them they were wrong. I truly think I'm better off without them in my life. They can do their own thing. One of them spent 7 years in prison for drug dealing and wire fraud. She thought she was smarter than everyone else...she blames me for losing parental rights to her children. I wasn't the one who went to prison. I wasn't the one who wouldn't follow the reunification plan set out by the girls' father and the courts. My middle child...he owes me about 20 thousand dollars for all the bills I paid for him while he was overseas in the Army. He claimed the Army messed up his allotment to me and like an idiot I believed him until I changed bank accounts and the story started to not add up. So, I took it upon myself to check into the story and exposed his lie. Instead of expressing any remorse, he told me to get out of his life and wished I was dead. My youngest and his "wife" are the ones who stole the jewelry from me. Then they got all bent out of shape when I caught them smoking dope in my house. They dumped their son (my grandson) with my ex-felon daughter who hangs around other ex-felons and went their separate ways. My son is now living in his friend's attic. I pray for them, for their salvation daily. However, I have no intention of letting them back in my life. I may not have been the world's greatest mother and I know I made many mistakes. HOWEVER, no matter how hard it got, or how broke we were, they always had a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, food in their bellies, talks about God and his goodness, what it takes to be saved. They chose to turn against it all. They are all upset they didn't have the "Leave it to Beaver" childhood.
  2. CCM And their influence

    I don't listen to CCM...never have, never will.
  3. Who Are You Worshiping This Christmas Season?

    if the account of Christ's birth is accurate, He was born in the spring when the shepherds were outside with their flocks. December 25th was the date (or somewhere thereabouts) of a pagan festival called Saturnalia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturnalia Many of the current Christmas customs come from this "holiday". "The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn, in the Roman Forum, and a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms: gambling was permitted, and masters provided table service for their slaves.[1] " Once I did my homework on this one...no more "Christmas" at all.
  4. Lady Moderator

    can a lady moderator please get up with me for access to the ladies' area? Thank You
  5. Who Are You Worshiping This Christmas Season?

    We made a personal choice years ago to not celebrate "Christmas" or any other "holiday". There is no biblical command to celebrate anything other than the first day of the week commemorating the day of His resurrection. I just wish I could convince my pastor...I did some research on the history of "Christmas" and the traditions, like the tree...it's not good. I'm of the opinion that there's no point in fighting it, let folks do as they please...we have to all act according to our conscience and conviction.
  6. Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    I was trying (and failing) to make an analogy of what our church is like. Sunday morning is often the time we get the most visitors so the sermon isn't quite as "heavy". This is a typical Sunday morning sermon https://www.sermonaudio.com/saplayer/playpopup.asp?SID=111917133539 Sunday night https://www.sermonaudio.com/saplayer/playpopup.asp?SID=115172159229 Wednesday night https://www.sermonaudio.com/saplayer/playpopup.asp?SID=118172217531 They're different sermons geared to the different folks gathered. Sunday morning is a little lighter, Sunday night is a good dinner and Wednesday night is a full supper...Thing is, church isn't supposed to be the only time for the word...there's a certain responsibility for the individual Christian to spend his own time reading/studying/learning. It's not all on the pastor. I can take you to the fanciest buffet here in sin city and if you choose not to eat, there's not a darn thing I can do to force you...same with folks in church. They can go every Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, the preacher can be one of the most serious, his sermons can be a PhD thesis every time and if folks don't want to eat, they won't. I can take you to Pho #2 (not a great restaurant) and if you're hungry enough, you'll find a way to make a meal out of it. Stop putting it all on the preacher...it's not all on him. You can sit, play with your phone, day dream and it doesn't matter how great the sermon is...you won't get a thing out of it. My pastor can be quite entertaining...he's funny, he's exuberant while he's preaching, he smiles a lot...are those hallmarks of a crummy preacher?
  7. Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    I would say I don't believe it, but knowing what it's like to starve to death going to church every Sunday...I do believe it. Might be why I'm in favor of a solid seminary education for a preacher before he starts preaching and attempting to feed the flock. Those poor folks are starving to death and don't even know it. (in the interest of full disclosure, I have one more elective class to take to finally finish my degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University). It isn't easy to find a church that "serves a full meal" every Sunday. At our church, Sunday morning is like "brunch"...on the light side but satisfying. Sunday night is "dinner"...a full meal, may feel a little queasy after "eating" so much. Wednesday night is "supper"...maybe not as filling as dinner but takes care of the hunger but good until Sunday morning. These were listed in Statesville from http://fundamental.org/fundamental/churches/index.php3?action=listchurchesinstate&statename=North Carolina Calvary Baptist Church Dr. Chris Haizlip Statesville Southview Baptist Church Walter Wagner Statesville Elmwood First Baptist Rodney G. McAllister Statesville Harvest Baptist Church Dr. Donald Gant Statesville Command Baptist C hurch Tony Fox Statesville Temple Baptist Church Randall Mitchell Statesville These were listed in Winston Salem Berean Baptist Church Dr. Ronnie Baity Winston Salem Woodland Baptist Church 336-969-2088 Winston Salem Lexwin Baptist Church Pastor Erick Goff Winston Salem Lexwin Baptist Church Pastor Erick Goff Winston Salem Vernon Forest Baptist Church Pastor Coats Winston-Salem Missions Baptist Church David Keaton Winston-Salem Liberty Baptist Church Gary Styers Winston-Salem Liberty Baptist Church Gary Styers Winston-Salem
  8. Cutting Children off

    I do pray daily for them. I have been searching myself for years now...given their words. Near as I can figure they are angry that I married my husband (who wasn't exactly a great guy BC).I have been in counseling previously (with a Christian counselor) and the bottom line is I should have cut them off a long time ago instead of always stepping in... Regarding any reparations for the money/things...forget it. My older son (who owes me about 20 grand) said "I've helped you more than any white kid should help their parents" forgetting that I kept him from going to the army equivalent of captain's mast for debts. Yes, I co-signed and did not fight the garnishment that destroyed my credit and I kept paying his car payment so he would have it when he got home from Iraq (along with paying the taxes, insurance, license fees). My youngest and his "wife" stole the jewelry and he refuses to take any responsibility for it... I am thinking of revising my will...and writing that my children will get nothing because they already stole it. I mean, good grief...I had access to both my parents' bank accounts from the time I was a kid and would have NEVER dreamed of taking money from them...NEVER!!! I guess it's my fault for allowing the world in and trying to keep the peace with my X...the minute I'd crack down, they'd be on the phone to dear old dad telling him what a horrible woman I was (he was a nut-job atheist). I forgive them...but I will not forget. They're 35, 30 and 27 now...there will be no more rescues from here. They fall, they fall...maybe they'll finally be smart enough to cry out to the Lord. Please pray with me that strong Christians get right up in their faces and under their skins.
  9. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    @Invicta let me look around...these were the churches listed I don't know how up to date this is. We are members of Liberty Baptist and I can recommend Southern Hills Baptist, Gateway Baptist and Bible Baptist. First Baptist Church Henderson Rick Wilder Henderson Lighthouse Baptist Church Ernie Carrillo Henderson Lighthouse Baptist Church Ernie Carrillo Henderson FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Rick Wilder Henderson Morning Star Baptist Church Edward Morrison Las Vegas Morning Star Baptist Church Edward Morrison Las Vegas Desert Storm Baptist Church Chuck Schlink Las Vegas Gateway Baptist Church Ron Patterson Las Vegas International Bible Baptist Church Dr. J. Hernes M. Abante/Rev. Arman Castr Las Vegas Liberty Baptist Church David Teis Las Vegas BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH Pete McKenzie Las Vegas Southern Hills Baptist Church Pastor Joshua Teis Las Vegas Gateway Baptist Church Pastor David R. Ellis Las Vegas True Light Baptist Church Ronald Henderson las vegas
  10. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    Depends on your definition of far....if you take the 515 to the 95 and get off at Lake Mead or Rainbow, it's right there. We live about 3 miles south of the church.
  11. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    I really need to double check and not post in the middle of the night http://experienceliberty.com/
  12. Cutting Children off

    I need some help on this. I have cut my kids out of my life. Between the three of them they have stolen over 30 thousand dollars from me, antique jewelry (including both my grandmothers' wedding rings and my mother's engagement ring). They constantly tell me what a horrid mother I was to them when the two who have children have abandoned their children (one decided that drugs and partying were more important than her two little girls and the other and his "wife" also decided that being responsible was more than they wanted to do).I know I was not perfect, we had some pretty hard times and maybe I didn't handle things as well as I should have...BUT...all three were taken to church, they all heard the gospel and all three have chosen to reject it. Every time they were down on their luck, I sent them money, bought plane tickets. gave them a place to live, etc. YET...it seems that none of it was enough for them. I am sick at their actions and tired of the abuse (verbal) they unload on me every chance they get. As a side note...my mother was NOT a great mother, she made it clear she hated my guts from the time I was little...yet...when she had a series of strokes and could no longer live on her own, I took her into my home, endured her baloney, took care of her for 7 years until she died. Why? Because it was the right thing to do, even though, after all those years, I had no real feelings for her whatsoever. Yet, the children who owed me a small fortune would not lift a finger when we had some difficulties and were homeless. Please help me understand...
  13. Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    I find this interesting, especially in North Carolina (Virginia native here). However, imagine our surprise to find a real, bible-preaching, bible-believing, soulwinning church in "sin city" of all places. My husband and I left the "hippy-skippy" feel-good, NIV (among others) using "megachurch". The Lord led my husband to think about where we attend church right at a year ago now. A year ago, we were still pretty lost, not connected to a community, spiritually comatose. One year later, we are connected, spiritually alive, my husband is saved. Don't ever doubt what God can do...ever! If someone had told me this would happen, I'd have told them they were clear out of their minds.
  14. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    I'm so glad! I have been thinking of you and praying for you and your family. I read the website and was pleased to see that the pastor was a Marine. Well, I'm an old, crusty, retired Navy wife, and any person/couple/family that can survive military life is one that is already so strong. If you're ever in Vegas, please come visit us at http://www.extremeliberty.com The amazing blessing of God to find a good bible-believing, new testament church not 5 miles from our home.
  15. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    @(Omega) did you check out that church? I was thinking of you today and hoping you'd checked out the church and found a new home.