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  1. When Did Jesus Die

    Pastor Brandenburg and Rhonda want to know who you are
  2. When Did Jesus Die

    He was my Pastor for 6 years before recently going back to evangelism. He's a great preacher. I love him and his family
  3. When Did Jesus Die

    Well I would assume that most subjects on this forum have been beaten to death, sorry for posting. Is there a way to delete it?
  4. When Did Jesus Die

    Very Informative https://www.pulpitaflame.com/embers/2018/3/30/when-did-jesus-die
  5. Tracts

    Several years ago I read a document that gave a big list of people being saved through tracts. I thought it was on here, does anyone know where I could find it
  6. Pastor Charles Lawson

    My Pastor would love you Jim_Alaska
  7. Pastor Charles Lawson

    I notice he has many questionable sermon topics
  8. Pastor Charles Lawson

  9. Pastor Charles Lawson

    I've recently had it recommended that I listen to this Pastors Sermons. I noticed some Questionable topics on his sermon lists. What do you think about this preacher?
  10. Churches

  11. Churches

    Any bible that doesn't contain all of God's Word which for the English speaking people would be anything but the KJV The Bible is our letter from God, and if you change it then it is no longer His Word
  12. Churches

    one of those fake Bibles
  13. Churches

    I knew an Independent Fundamental Baptist church who got a new Pastor who swore he wasn't Calvanist, within a couple years that church got rid of the KJV and became a Calvanist church
  14. Churches

    LOL I thought that was ALL of them
  15. Two kids got saved in VBS