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  1. You think this is bad. Try witnessing to someone who knows about all the different conflicting English versions or about the "original autographs".
  2. That's because there's a disconnect between what many Calvinists teach or say they believe (T.U.L.I.P.) and what they practice. Thus why you will find Calvinists who go soul winning. I've only met a few Calvinists who are consistent with what they claim to believe.
  3. I don't like Trump bombing Syria. Especially when there is no proof that Assad had anything to do with it except from what the "White Helmets" have said who have already been proven to be in league with Al-Qaeda. Trump said during his campaign he would not get involved over there with regime changes that only make matters worse. This has the Neo-Con stamp of approval all over it. I'm also disappointed with him selecting Kevin Hassett as his economic advisor. Hassett is 100% pro-illegal immigration and outsourcing and is a former chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations. So more broken promises by Trump. I think we can forget about the Wall. I think the 24/7 hammering he has been taking by the globalists and liberal MSM has worn him down. Let's hope he doesn't become a CFR stooge.
  4. I had one Calvinist admit to me once that there's millions of babies burning in hell that were predestined as such. Not sure what Calvin said about babies or those that die in the womb but if you follow the logical conclusion of his teachings you would end up believing the same. Unless, like I've heard other Calvinists say, that only elected babies die never the unelected. Not all the translators of the KJV were Calvinist. I believe about half were. This is why King James was so strict with the translators so that none of them would try injecting their own theology into the translation.
  5. No he wasn't. If he was then he needs to look up Poe's Law.
  6. Alan, even on this site words get shamelessly twisted.
  7. "When I preach I sin. When I pray I sin. My very repentance needs to be repented of, and my tears need washing in the blood of Jesus Christ."- Rev. Edward Bickesteth "The more I think of some dogs, the less I think of some Christians". Rev. Robert "Fighting Bob" Shuler (Some Dogs I Have Known).
  8. Washington did great with what little he had at his disposal. It's hard to carry out any great campaigns when you don't have weapons, food, men or finances to support it. What he was really great at is patience, taking advantage of opportunities and recognizing other great leaders to place in various roles of leadership.
  9. I knew someone would come back with a wise comment that twists what I said. It's the way of the internet.
  10. For a mature Christian I would highly recommend reading from cover to cover but with a newbie they should start off in the NT. The Gospel of John, I & II Thessalonians, Romans and Ephesians. IMO, those books should be read first before the rest including Matthew through Luke which can be hard to grasp at times. This is why heretics will gravitate towards Matthew-Luke, Acts and Revelations.
  11. Famous last words: "I live in an area I FEEL I don't need to arm myself". Hear this all the time before someone is raped or murdered in their own bed. Crime was virtual unheard of in my area until a year ago when a group of thugs from out of the area went on a crime spree robbing two stores by gun point, breaking in a few homes and highjacking a car while murdering the owner in the process.
  12. Sometimes semantics matter. Total Inability is much truer to what Calvinists teach because they go beyond Total Depravity and say even mankind's will is depraved. If a man's will was totally unable to place faith in Christ than Irresistable Grace would be true by default. That's why I mention this. Just like Perseverance of the Saints is more accurate to Reformed doctrine than Preservation of the Saints. It's important to get the terminally correct in this case.
  13. I believe Calvinists teach "Total Inability" not "Total Depravity". At least this is what they really mean according to Loraine Boettner's "Reformed Doctrine of Predestination" when they say "Total Depravity".
  14. Really, you don't understand that? Must be a cultural thing. If you feel the need to lock your door at night then you realize that there's a chance someone might come in uninvited and with bad intentions. If you don't lock up at night then I wish you the best because you are leaving yourself open as an easy target. Nothing hard to understand about that.
  15. If you lock your door at night then you live in that kind of area. If you don't lock up, well, I wish you the best.