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  1. So I have been convinced by the Bible that ONLY Jesus can save us from sins, not rosaries I used to say or indulgences or Mary's intercessory graces or submitting to the Pope. Only JESUS saves us. It follows, then, that we CANNOT earn our own salvation. We can do no works to get ourselves saved. In fact, Jesus says that whoever believes will be saved. AND YET... In Matthew 25, where the sheep are separated from the goats, Christ judges by who feed the hungry, clothed the naked, gave drink to the thirsty, ect. I.E. who performed works and who didn't. Faith isn't even mentioned. Why this apparent contradiction? -isaac
  2. Hello all. I am a teen raised in a Catholic home. One parent converted from Lutheranism, another from a pentacostal church. Unlike most kids my age, I got VERY into theology and reading about faith. I read myself into the ultra-traditionalist Catholic groups and have been SUPER devoted to Mary and super Latin-Mass obsessed. Now, I have been reading several Jack Hyles sermons online. I realize now that Catholicism is false but don't know where to go from there. I want to be a true Christian and came here to seek help with that.