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  1. I've come across an interesting article that may be a useful contribution to this discussion:
  2. Orval, You may find this helpful: Christian Media&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=8138035_Ignite 28.03.2017&dm_i=16DQ,4UFCJ,P1GBVA,IAXBY,1
  3. I realise this isn't a "political" forum but, given that the subject of Brexit has been raised (and this will affect the US as our 2 countries will sign a jumbo trade deal), and given that mention has been above of one Alastair Campbell, I append below 2 extracts from "Good morning Britain" where Campbell and NIgel Farage (the most vociferous anti-EU campaigner in the UK) faced off in a fierce exchange. Fasten your seat belts, this is a real humdinger! This is even better!!
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place, or if it has been discussed before but here goes... I read recently that one can read the Bible through, at moderate reading speed, in 80 hours. Therefore, half hour spent daily just reading it systematically would get one through it in 160 days. However, I wonder if it is wise to read it through from Genesis to Revelation as it means that one doesn't come to the NT for some time. What do y'all think?
  5. Further to my earlier comments: I continue to be amazed at the hypocrisy of the "liberal left" in the UK who go on and on about how they support democracy, but have gnashed their teeth in rage against the result of the referendum. To be fair, most people who voted Remain have probably accepted it, and are willing to let the Prime Minister have a reasonably free hand in negotiating the best deal. However, there are a number of die-hard Remainers who have been dubbed "Remoaners". They have even produced a weekly newspaper called "The European" with the aim of overturning the result.. The new editor is Alistair Campbell who has vowed to stop Brexit. Campbell was Tony Blair's press secretary when Blair was PM, and once famously remarked "we don't do God". That gives you some idea of the type of man he is - an arrogant, godless and spiteful piece of work! He needs our prayers that God would open his eyes and save him.
  6. Being a Brit I had the chance to vote in last year's referendum on Brexit. I voted "Leave" and the UK will be leaving the EU in 2019. Why did I vote Leave? Because the EU is of the devil; the Strasbourg parliament building is modelled on the Tower of Babel and the designer was a strong humanist - that says it all really! Back in the 1980s I was speaking with a Christian minister who predicted that we would eventually go back to being an independent sovereign nation. At the time I thought it a remote possibility, but he was right.
  7. It was good to read your post. The Lord bless you in your walk with Him, remember He is merciful to those who truly cast themselves upon Him for such mercy. John 6 v 37.
  8. Yes, I've read it and I warmly recommend it. I would also encourage you to read another book that deals with Islam viz. "Dreams and Visions - is Jesus awakening the Muslim World" by Tom Doyle. This book tells of how Jesus is speaking directly to Muslims in countries where evangelism is seriously curtailed or even forbidden. When people ask us "What about those who've never heard?" we can point them to a book like this.
  9. Reply to Heartstrings: You are so right, brother. If we were incapable of believing in Christ then God wouldn't judge us for not doing so. The Lord convicts of sin but we have to make the response. We are then judged by that response. That is why John 3 v 18 makes it clear that people who don't believe in Christ as the Son of God are condemned for their unbelief It is really so simple, but unfortunately there are many who choose to listen to the words of men rather than seeking to come back to the Bible alone.
  10. Why are you being so aggressive, dear brother? To accuse fellow believers of being "liars" because they don't see the Bible through the eyes of 5-point Calvinism is a touch naughty.
  11. It appears that the terrorist was shot dead by Police. I fully realise that it was necessary to shoot him dead, because he would have gone on to kill more people but, in these cases, if the terrorist can be taken alive (and it's a big "if") then he has the chance to hear the Gospel and get saved. During the troubles in N Ireland there were terrorists on both sides who got saved in prison. One such person even became a Baptist minister in the North of England.
  12. At least 4 people (including a copper) have been killed in a terror attack around the Parliament building in London. It appears that a car deliberately drove into people on Westminster Bridge, then crashed into the gates at the Palace of Westminster. Several coppers were then stabbed and they shot the attacker, there is speculation there could have been 2 terrorists. This incident highlights, once again, the brevity and uncertainty of life; and that we all need to be ready to face the Lord. Indeed, we are only 1 heartbeat away from God's presence.
  13. Thank you for that, brother. Reading through this thread reminded me of the following: I was passing out some tracts in a town about 30 miles from where I live (in the county of Kent, England) and I got talking to a Christian lady. She asked me to pray for her husband who wasn't saved. As we conversed further she told me that he was terrified of dying and had a recurring dream of the Angel of Death. I asked her what kept him from getting saved and her reply was disturbing "He's a lawyer and a freemason; as a mason he gets a lot of business from fellow Masons. He knows that if he got saved he would have to leave the Masons, and they would withdraw their business from him." It seems that, having counted the cost of being a disciple of Christ, he wasn't prepared to pay it.
  14. I would like to make a further appeal to the moderators to step in and deal with this situation. It is clear that "Fundamental Faith" is not interested in a reasoned discussion, but is pushing an agenda to the point of being ungracious and confrontational. In my view this militates against the whole purpose of a discussion forum. Thank you.
  15. Appeal to the moderators I rather think that the tone of Fundamental Faith's posts on this matter are getting too personal, and even ungracious. I, therefore, submit that, in my view the moderators should intervene. I do not make these comments lightly, but it seems that an intervention is called for.