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  1. Many thanks, brother, for your helpful comment. Regards Bob
  2. Reply to "Wretched" : Absolutely spot on, dear friend. True Christians see the need for continual self-examination and living daily in a spirit of humble repentance and reliance upon God for His grace.
  3. Many thanks for your comments - with regards to Mr Roloff's teaching on repentance, I did some research and found him to be correct in his statement that repentance is a turning from sin. He correctly points out that repentance is not simply a change of mind but a change of mind that leads to a change of action viz. turning from sin. The problem with "preachers" who teach that repentance is simply a change of mind and nothing more is that their "ministry" leads to people having a false sense of assurance, as true salvation is linked to a turning from sin.
  4. I was watching a sermon by Adrian Rogers and he mentioned a preacher by the name of Lester Roloff. I've never heard of him before, can anyone give me any information abut him? Many thanks.
  5. "The troubles" ceased with the Good Friday agreement of 1998. Since then there have been no the IRA. My earlier comment was referring to more recent events viz. 7/7, Westminster and Manchester. Also, various bombings around the world.
  6. Thanks for your comment. It is true that most Muslims are not terrorists, it is also true that mosts terrorists are motivated by the Koran. Indeed, ISIS are the true Muslims.
  7. There has been a terrorist attack in the city of Manchester, England. A suicide bomber blew himself up at 10.30pm last night British time, at a pop concert, and killed 2 dozen people, injuring another 60. I have blogged about this:
  8. Reply to InSeasonOut: Interestingly enough, Calvinists often use the fact that God chose Abraham to promote the view that God does choose people. Moreover, I'm intrigued by your statement that the Lord "showed me this". How do you know the Lord showed it to you? How do you know that it wasn't simply sonething that came to you as a personal thought, as you considered the whole subject of Reformed Theology? I'm not promoting any particular viewpoint on the vexed issue of Calvinism, but simply urging you to be careful before invoking God's name for what may well be just an honest opinion.
  9. This excellent sermon really boosts our confidence in the Bible:
  10. But then, again, if a terrorist gets saved he won't do it again.
  11. Galatians 3 v 24 states that the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. Would you interpret that to mean that the law shows us how sinful we are and then we know our need of a Saviour? Or would you interpret it to mean that the law is in place "until Christ came"? Or a combination of the two interpretations?
  12. "The reformers and their stepchildren" by Leonard Verduin is a must read for Baptists who wish to be informed concerning the savagery inflicted upon our forebears by the reformers. The things we take for granted today (separation of church and state, a wholly regenerate membership, baptism for believers, and so on) are practices that cost the Baptists their lives - literally. I would warmly recommend this book but, be warned, it will shock you to the core to see what was done by alleged Christians in the name of God.
  13. Reply to D-28 Player: Many thanks for your replies, they were very helpful. In one of my posts, quoted above I mentioned a film called "The ballad of Mary Phagan". I believe that was a film based on a true story of a young gilr murdered in 1913. I understand that was in Alabama, your home state. What can you tell me about this?
  14. I wonder if the Lord permits us to make foolish errors so that we are aware of our own fallibility, and lean upon the Lord for His grace. If we went through life making no errors we would then consider that we are not in need of His grace, and start depending upon our own perceived goodness and strength.