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  1. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you're able to get it fixed, soon!
  2. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you, I appreciate it! I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Are you going to be able to give the rest of your comments, soon?
  4. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Yes, thank you!
  5. Saved in 3 tenses?

    I had a question on the side that I wanted to ask you. In church last Sunday, the preacher was talking about the prodigal son, one of the points he made was, in the Old Testament, if a son abandoned the family, they were considered dead to them and were taken out of their family's genealogy book or something, but Jesus was saying that we are now sons and daughters even if we leave and He'll take us back. I found it very encouraging, especially when cross referencing it with Jesus in Revelation saying He won't blot our name out of the Book Of Life, but as I was reading Luke 15, verse 24 stuck out to me, the father says his son was dead and is now alive again and that he was lost and now found. It kind of sounded like he was saying that he was lost until he came back and repented. I looked up in the Greek, the word "dead" in that verse, it said it was literal physical or spiritual death from what I could tell? I wasn't sure what to make of it, do you think you could address this question also on your next reply? It's been kind of confusing me. Thanks!
  6. Saved in 3 tenses?

    I certainly appreciate it, it definitely helps me to get as much info as possible, it helps a lot. I just have to put the pieces together, which might take me a bit, but I'm beginning to understand things more clearly!
  7. Saved in 3 tenses?

    All of this makes sense, it's very complex to me, I'm having to really try to rap my head around all of the information, it does certainly cause me to see that the writer of the article wasn't thinking all of his stuff through, before writing the article. Thank you for explaining this portion, to me! By the way, I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner, I didn't get a notification for your comment for some reason!
  8. Interview for my mom

    Thank you, I appreciate it!
  9. Interview for my mom

    Please pray for my mom, she is having a hard time at her current job and she had an interview today and it went well it seems. They want to have her back tomorrow for a second one, please pray for God's will to be done!
  10. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you, I will definitely try hard to look at things in light of the whole context, I think also reading and hearing so many perspectives since I got saved 8 years ago, has definitely added confusion to my understanding. It's hard now to not get swayed by every wind of doctrine I hear that concerns me. I've talked to my preacher some, he does teach well, but the times I've sat and talked with him one on one, he would say very incorrect things at times. It has discouraged me from going back to him for personal advice. My Sunday school teacher is very knowledgeable, but he and his wife aren't doing well at all physically, right now. They're both older and his wife has been in the hospital lately, so I really haven't felt comfortable having deep discussion with him about these things right now. I know he's going through a lot. So I really only have this site to talk to knowledgeable people, right now. And I must say, I'm extremely thankful for all of the help and insight that I've gotten on here! I look forward to hearing the rest of your thoughts!
  11. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you for clearing this question up for me, I think I see now what was going on in the context of this passage. Sometimes it's hard for me to take things into context, sometimes there's a lot going on in the book or chapter and I get a bit confused. Do you have an advice when it comes to issues like that? I've learned throughout my Christian growth that, that is one of the biggest problems that I face while studying.
  12. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Okay, explained this way, I think I understand now. So perhaps, a person that's not trying to glorify God, but promote themselves (like those tv faith healers?) or even another "god", might say they are casting them out, but the demon might have just left in order to fool everyone. So, the devil wouldn't be dividing against himself in that situation. I guess I was just a little confused because some people might really believe that someone who professes to have the power of Christ working through them (but really they don't), might get saved because of that? But I suppose that could be a situation where everything ends up working together to glorify God? And again, to simply just fool the person believing they are right with God and able to cast them out, but aren't?
  13. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you, I see what you're saying, most of it makes sense to me. The last part, I don't understand though, how could they cast out devils if they were getting their power from the devil? That was one of the things that they supposedly did, but I know that Jesus said that is impossible. That only, can be from God.
  14. Prayers for PTSD

    Thank you both!
  15. Prayers for PTSD

    The last month or so I've been struggling with past traumas more frequently than usual. I've been feeling pretty down, not really having any energy, generally depressed and anxious. My mind is always scattered and I feel like a weight is holding me down. I'm not finding relief, please pray for me. Thank you