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  1. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Came across this, was a little confused. Can you guys explain this to me? Thanks! https://billmounce.com/monday-with-mounce/are-you-saved-or-are-you-being-saved”-1-cor-15-2 http://www.simplybible.com/f066.htm
  2. Early church eternal security

    Okay, I'm going to reread it again! I'll get to it when i get home :)
  3. Early church eternal security

    I've always been confused with the parable about the talents. Is Jesus talking about the gifts that He gives us and using them? Or something else? I'm having a bit of a difficult time understanding it.
  4. Early church eternal security

    Well, of course I can't know the full meaning of anyone's situation, but from what you described, you we're reminded of the truth of our situation. That our flesh indeed, is corrupt and Jesus, is our only remedy. At the very least, it just reminds you of that truth! :)
  5. Early church eternal security

    Wow, I see what you're saying, guess i get signs and these types of things mixed up. I guess I thought that anything that God physically uses to remind us of Him, or comfort us, etc., was called, a sign. I really guess I never really thought of these things so, deeply.
  6. Early church eternal security

    Whoa! Now, that is very amazing! God works in mysterious, ways. Just as He, said! I believe God gave me a very wonderful sign, once. My dad died about 3 years ago, I wasn't sure if he was saved, he believed the Gospel, read the Bible, prayed, etc., but he was mentally ill, he didn't like going to church because he generally just didn't trust people and he had some strange understanding of some things in the Bible, like he didn't believe that he sinned anymore (because he didn't trespass against people) idk, I didn't really understand what he was talking about, but he did admit that he indeed, has sinned. Anyway, i was still very worried about him. I prayed very hard to God and I asked Him, "Please, show me if my dad, is okay!" It was about 4 days after he died that we got to view his body. He was smiling, I thought the mortician did it, so i asked them because it disturbed me that they would do that, but they said they are not able to do that, the face sets, as it decides to set. Also I learned about rigor mortis (i think it's called), some say a corpse can smile due to muscle tension, during this, but it wouldn't last anywhere near, 4 days. Everyone at the funeral, noticed, and one of the guest's brothers was a mortician, she said she'd never seen this before. I took this as a sign, from God, that my dad is okay. I had no idea how God would show me, I thought I might just have to wait, but I'm trusting that this was something God showed, me.
  7. Early church eternal security

    My heart goes out to you and your family, I'm so very sorry that you all are having to endure, all of those things. :( I appreciate that you were willing to share those things. You're right, I'm trying to remember that everyone goes through terrible things, in this life. It kind of reminds me actually, of the verse about the devil being a roaring lion and that others are going through the same afflictions that he brings. So I, nor anyone else, should feel that we are alone in our struggles. And that God is the one that has the strength, to help us through them. I'm trying to keep these things, in my heart.
  8. Early church eternal security

    You have given me some new insight on the verses, it makes sense. You are right, i need to stay in the Bible. When i get scared, i keep seeing what my fearful eyes want to see. It's so frustrating.. I've talked to my husband about maybe looking at all of the verses that confuse me, one by one, and just read through them and in the context, and get help from a trusted Christian, if we need to. I know that I am difficult, trust me, i HATE how difficult my mind is, it's difficult towards me!! I feel like a little puppy, trying to beg for help, but then on the other side, I feel like I have the combative skepticism, similar to an atheist (of course not towards the same things, but I feel like my mind always comes up with something to refute what I've been told). It is so very hard, I've been extremely anxious, since I was a toddler, i have a problem, if it wasn't one thing, it was another terrible, chronic fear. Example: getting cancer, getting contaminated by germs, losing a limb, getting fat, suddenly not being able to breath, whatever phobia you can think of, I've probably had it. Now of course, since I'm a true believer in Jesus and that the Bible is true and more important than anything, that's what my anxious mind clings to now, what it has decided to obsess, over. I take a bunch of medication, before i did that, I had even worse anxiety. I think i need the Bible (of course) and since I'm so sick mentally, i may need more help from fellow Christians, than most. I mean, it would be kind of like needing more help with any disability, I'd think? Physical or mental.
  9. Early church eternal security

    What I see Jesus saying, is that God gives everyone to Him, He draws the whole world and will all hear the Gospel. Those that come He won't cast out. God doesn't want any to perish, but that all should come to repentance. So it's not God's will that Jesus would lose any of the world, but of course, many won't accept Him. The jews had to continue to eat the manna to survive physically, so wouldn't we have to continue to be lead by the Holy Spirit, continue to follow Jesus's direction? He uses the same verbiage from what I see, about the jews did eat the manna/those who eat Jesus's flesh and drink His blood. This is just what I see when reading it.
  10. Early church eternal security

    For some reason, I'm kind of struggling with this, again. The same questions are being raised again, in my mind. I've overcome a lot of doctrinal issues, but this one seems to always remain. The verses that appear to say you can forfeit salvation, the full context around the verses that people use to say you can't, the Greek, the lack of early writings that acknowledge this doctrine as true, etc. I know that this came up last time, but I do indeed believe that all of the Bible, is true. I really, really do. My issue I'm struggling with is, when you put all of the things together, that i listed above, I just find it extremely difficult, to believe that eternal security, could be true. Like, I really am thinking that there's too many verses that seem to contradict this. And the verses used to justify this view, really seem to not mean what they think it does, when you put everything in context. I certainly don't want to cause frustration, but it's just something that I can't get out of my mind. It bothers me. I was given a lot of info last time, but the info i was given didn't totally convince me that, eternal security, was true. People kept saying the Bible teaches it, so i just need to believe that, but the problem i have is that, I don't really see it, teaching that, as I read it. I believe the truth of the Bible, I want to make that clear. I just.. have a hard time piecing all of the things I've learned together, and coming up with this understanding. I do not want to believe that someone, can forfeit salvation, that's why I'm on here asking for more guidance. I really am not trying to stir the pot or create conflict. I honestly appreciate everyone on here, I never want to upset any of you.
  11. Question

    That is encouraging, as well :) i do indeed love them. Haha! Phone gremlins!
  12. Question

    Thank you, that is very encouraging. Sometimes i feel so alone in this situation, because I've never actually talked to someone in person, who had this problem (that i know of, anyway). I do believe that I feel conviction, when I'm doing something wrong, even if I'm enjoying it and not willing to stop for awhile, i have this constant awareness of my sin. I definitely know that I'm doing wrong and my fear of God, is there while I'm doing it. Sometimes i get worried that, I'm not truly repentant, that I'm just afraid of God's wrath. That has always been my biggest motivator. I do want Jesus in my life, i want to be a good witness for Christ, i want Him to tell me that I have done the will here on earth that, He had for me, when I die. I want Him when I'm going through hard times or i need guidance. Sometimes im just not sure what is my OCD, my emotions, the devil, or reality. It really confuses me. :( sometimes I believe that I'm saved, but then I'm like, "is my repentance, really genuine?" Or "do i have enough, faith?" My mind can always go right back to doubting, even right after I've found comfort. I kind of feel like a robot, no matter what I've learned or been shown, i just very easily, go back to my default setting of worry and doubt and it's like i never got help, at all. I want this cycle to stop, so badly. I have these issues while and after reading the Bible, too. It's just an extremely deep-rooted problem, that i have. I really do love getting encouragement from other believers, it does make me happy. I really enjoy getting on here and reading things! I just need to figure out how to utilize the help, that i get. :(
  13. Question

    So, I've been wondering something for quite sometime. Ive noticed that people who have a struggle with doubting their salvation and those who are afraid of having committed the unpardonable sin, tend to have these fears, for a very long time. It seems that it's nearly impossible for them to have enough assurance for them to stop fearing and obsessing over it. Ive been going through this for over 5 years and have read many others talking about this, too. It tends to take years for people to get over these fears, that is, if they ever do. Why is this particular problem, so extremely hard to get under control? I have clinical OCD, so I'm sure it contributes, the others might have this problem, too, but why won't God take away these terrible fears and obsessions, over whether or not we are saved or have committed the unpardonable sin? I know that He wants us to know whether we are saved or lost or if we are forgiveable. I know that someone cannot effectively do His will, without this i would think, so why is this particular problem so hard to overcome, even with fervent prayer? I understand that God works in His timing and that we have to suffer at times in this life, sometimes for many years, but I wouldn't think that this kind of thing, would be one of the things that would be helpful to go through? I'm not sure? What do you all think, about this?
  14. I need help

    Thank you, we appreciate it!
  15. I need help

    Thank you, so much! It is indeed, a struggle. I will definitely let you all know if my husband or myself, have any concerns in the future! We both are a bit anxious and obsessive, by nature, so we tend to get led off track, easily. We are working on that, though! Trying to learn how to utilize the strength and understanding that God gives, instead of people or our own minds. It's very hard, sometimes. We definitely need prayers. <3