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  1. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you for clearing that up! That makes sense!
  2. Saved in 3 tenses?

    I had one more question that just came up. It says in Ecc. 12:7 that everyone’s spirit goes to be with God at our deaths. How could that be, if so many won’t be saved? Just a bit confused.
  3. Chicken Aristocrat!

    So, I went to this family owned Italian restaurant with my husband, not long ago and had the best Italian dish I’ve ever had!! It was called Chicken Aristocrat. I had never heard of it before, it was a thin chicken breast, topped with a thin and lightly breaded slice of eggplant, and a slice of mozzarella, on top. It was served on top of spaghetti and the sauce was soo yummy. It was a pink sauce, I got to ask the waitress what was in it and she was nice enough to tell me! It was made with cream, parmesan, and a bit of marinara. I could tell there was basil in it, too. It kinda reminded me of creamy tomato basil soup! (Not surprisingly.) lol! I’m going to try to make it this weekend! I’m on a low carb diet, so I’m changing a couple of things! I’m using chicken thighs instead of breast, because we prefer dark meat and it was cheaper! I’m going to butterfly cut it and probably pound it pretty flat. I got eggplant and am going to make an almond meal breading (you mix almond flour and water and bake it, to make “bread crumbs “) and then I’m going to bake the eggplant with the faux bread crumbs. Lol! Next, I’m making the sauce with heavy cream, parmesan, dried basil, and a touch of marinara sauce that has oregano, garlic, and basil in it (it’s Red Gold brand). I use a kind of spaghetti that is supposed to be low-glycemic, so it’s good for low carb diets. The brand is, Dream Fields. I know they had some kind of law suit against them, because it wasn’t as low-glycemic as they claimed, apparently, but I personally don’t notice having issues with it! Not sure if they sell it in stores anymore, may have to find it online when I need to stock up again! Just thought I’d share the recipe! I’m not going to really measure anything, so that’s why I didn’t list amounts. There’s a lot of breaded eggplant recipes online and the sauce is simple, just need to add stuff to your preferences! Will get back and let you all know how it turns out!!
  4. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Yes! I very much believe that! I’m very happy that things are starting to make sense, it has been a very difficult and exhausting road for me, regarding all of this. I know I was allowed to go through it for a reason. It has definitely caused me to seek God, much more than I used to! When I was a younger Christian (ages 14-16), I was saved I believe, but very rebellious and didn’t really see a point in living my life for Him completely, since I was taught He’d never leave me. I changed in many ways, but definitely had some sins that I held onto, that I wasn’t ready to forsake, but going through this, I’ve really done better at keeping those things away from me (although I still slip into them pretty frequently), but I’m not just willfully living like that, anymore. I still struggle with things, but I’m still trying to get stronger! It is motivating, knowing that we can’t be separated from God, and I do have a healthier fear of Him, now that I see what not trusting Him and being out of fellowship with Him, can do to me!
  5. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Wow, that really is very interesting. It kind of helps me understand some of the fellowship verses that many misconstrue as salvation verses. I was asking God last night to help me understand things, I was trying to stay calm and think coherently and His Word was piecing together in my mind. I think the biggest problems I’ve had is truly understanding how to be calm and trust Him while I talk and listen to Him. It’s always been against my nature, I’ve always been such a nervous person, this has definitely been an eye opener to me, lately. I’m eager to see our relationship grow, now that I’m not so anxious about everything.
  6. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you for your explanation, this makes sense. So, I know that our soul has to be saved to go to Heaven, so if our soul is considered dead we can still go to Heaven because our spirit is alive? Is that because we won’t ultimately depart from God, because He forever resides in us? This bit is slightly confusing to me, I just want to make sure I’m understanding that portion, correctly.
  7. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Yes, I believe that it started after Jesus’s death and resurrection. The reason I believe that is because it seems that God would cast people away in the OT, if they didn’t obey Him (I’m open to reevaluate that idea, but that’s just what I see when I’ve read in it) and one of the biggest reasons is because I don’t understand why they’d have to obey the law and continue animal sacrifices, if it didn’t take those things, at the time, to keep them under God’s forgiveness. When Jesus died, those things were fulfilled and from my understanding (from what I’ve been being, taught), until we were able to be cleansed through His blood, it was the obeying the law and doing sacrifices while watching for the coming Messiah, that justified them. I know it wasn’t the law obeying and sacrifices, themselves, but continuing to do it symbolically, until Christ came. Also, I believe the people going through the tribulation, won’t have eternal security. There’s a lot of things that cause me to feel that way when I read the NT. I think He’s going to take away His Spirit from the earth but only come amongst His saints, like He did in the OT? Or maybe He was in the world during the OT and and leaves in the tribulation, I believe it was one or the other, I can’t remember every detail right now. I feel like this is the only way I can see eternal security as true in this case, because otherwise you’d have to take a lot of passages that I’ve been taught are for the tribulation saints and apply them to people who are said to be absolutely eternally secure, and I don’t know if I’d be able to reconcile all of that together in my head.
  8. Saved in 3 tenses?

    I’m interested to know more about why you believe that. I’ve heard some people believe it, but never quite understood where in the OT they came to that conclusion. I appreciate your feedback
  9. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Okay, I think what you both said about that particular passage, makes sense!
  10. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you for this information! I believe I understand now what Jesus was saying! Thank you very much for explaining this in depth! From the help I’ve been getting, I’m seeing how security lines up in Scripture, I believe. The question I had about the Old Testament is this, I’ve noticed there are some things in the Old Test. that God said in the New Test. that we use as proof for security, now. For instance, we say how, He will never leave us nor forsake us, but God said that in the OT as well, yet they left Him and He was no longer with them. Another one that I thought of was, Jude 1:1, my preacher said that it saying that we are preserved, is one of the proof texts of our eternal security. But, in Psalm 37:28, God says that He preserved them forever. I believe that the OT people didn’t have security like the church does. I know there are probably more examples, but I’m just a little confused as to how we can use things like this as proof texts, if God said it in the OT, but it didn’t assure them of absolute security?
  11. Saved in 3 tenses?

    I'm glad you understood! I get worried that I come off in a way, that I don't mean to! It's hard, really expressing myself over the internet! Lol! But, thank you again. I'm glad that God is using you in this way!
  12. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Okay, I didn't think he was being rude or anything, I just couldn't tell what he was talking about. I'm just trying to make sure I'm understanding everything, correctly. It's a lot to take in, especially after my long battle with believing salvation could be lost. I'm really striving to trust in this doctrine, because I just can't seem to live a stable life with Christ, always being worried about that kind of thing. I really enjoy getting all of this help, if I ask a lot of questions, it's not to be controversial or anything, I just tend to get overwhelmed easily, for the reason, stated above. Also, thank you for bringing up some of your posts from before, it really helps bring all of this info, together! I really appreciate the effort you've put into helping me understand these concerns, it has been a big blessing. Pastor Markle cleared up my question, sorry! Was just trying to get a clear understanding!
  13. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you, Pastor Markle! That was a very informative teaching that you gave on the article! I'm convinced about what you've said! It was a blessing! I do have a question about the Old Testament, next. Please let me know when you're ready, I know that you are busy! I wasn't sure how this answer fits into what he said. I get overwhelmed with a lot of this, so I was just confused about what you mean. Are you confirming what Pastor Markle said, or are you questioning something? (I'm not being argumentative, I seriously just don't understand, I'm autistic, I just get confused easily with lots of information.)
  14. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you're able to get it fixed, soon!
  15. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Thank you, I appreciate it! I'm looking forward to it.