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    Truth-Justice-American Way, Conservatism, Missions, Bible Translation, Effective Cross-cultural Communication, Our-of-doors,Conservation (Non EPA!), Hunting, Shooting Sports, Classic Firearms, Motorsports ...
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    Born and raised in the scenic Finger Lakes Region of Upstate, Central New York. Received Christ in 1963 at age 21. Career Missionary to Thailand along with wife (Cheryl) since 1973. Church Planter and Bible Translator with Baptist World Missionary Outreach Ministries, Chattanooga, TN,

    (Note to administrators) I just finished writing a succinct version of my salvation testimony, but when I went to save it, a message popped up saying I wasn't allowed to do so. It seems that even though I was signed in and actively writing, my time had run out. Signing in again, my testimony was gone. This anomaly needs to be fixed.)

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  1. Having once said, "Who would ever want to waste their life doing a crazy thing like that," I now say: "The greatest privilege in all theĀ  world is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, having an integral part in taking the eternal Word of God to those still sitting in spiritual darkness at the uttermost, unreached ends the earth... until Christ's soon return. Amen"

    Ron Myers

    1. Alan


      Yea, and amen!