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  1. Fellowship. From what ive seen in my area, church buildings are not designed for fellowship. There's just a service 2 or 3 times a week, it lasts for 90 minutes, we say hello and goodbye and that's the most of it as everyone heads for the door. Perhaps theres a few minutes of fellowship "in church" but none outside of "church". No bible studies, no tracting, maybe a church picnic once a year... cornhole anyone?
  2. Awesome. Good to hear. I actually have all his books. He's a good writer/speaker. Definitely encouraged me as well.
  3. Paradise is novel of 220 pages, by Mark Cahill from 2013. It is his 1st novel, although he has written 3 "non-fiction" books on soul-winning. Paradise is his first of 3 novels. (Paradise, Reunion, and The Last Ride - which partly carry into one another but each could be considered stand alone novels and need not be read in order). Some may rightly think, oh no not another "Christian novel". But all scriptures are taken from the King James Bible (in all his books). I myself am not a fan of novels so much, but Cahill has an interesting writing take in his novel and is useful for both Christians and unbelievers, as it would make a good gift for a lost friend or family member. Many people don't like to read, and gifting "The Genesis Record" by Henry Morris (or something similar) would be overwhelming. Perhaps they might read a novel if it sounds interesting. Which I say it is and would recommend it, as Paradise is a fast paced novel, that makes you think and keep turning the pages wondering where the story goes. The main character is Josh, an unbeliever who is on a vacation trip with 3 college friends to Hawaii. Josh thinks Hawaii is a paradise on earth. He is confronted with the gospel and hears of the heavenly paradise. His vacation time on Hawaii is limited, but thinks upon the eternal Paradise. A lot of information is included in the novel, like how the bible is true, info on creation, archeology and reliability of it, the resurrection of Jesus and more. All info is clearly presented and understandable for new readers and even a well studied Christian might learn a thing or two. Overall this book is "entertaining" because of the novel format. There is also information on Hawaii and the "sight seeing" there. I won't get into the story. I've spoiled nothing and if this sounds of interest, then definitely check it out. An enjoyable adventure. -Jake
  4. Ok yeah - the GWT Judgment is the only one left after the Millennium. Meaning the Christians have already gone thru the Judgment seat of Christ ( 1 Corinth. 3:8-17 ) and then reigned with him during the 1000 years. (2Tim.2:11-13) But i shared my thoughts on the GWT above. The saved are on the Lord's side. They are not in danger of the lake of fire, only the lost will be cast in. (Christians have eternal security)
  5. Psalms is a great book, which covers a variety of subjects. If I remember right, it is the most read book of the bible (?) or atleast devotionally. But then again I think "modern Christianity" mostly reads the bible only devotionally (as opposed to doctrinally or instructionally). Meaning many professing Christians don't really read the bible, but they will read Psalms as a "devotion". But David wrote most of the psalms and he was a "man of war". And many Christians don't realize they are in a war, and they lack the doctrine and instruction to fight in this war. Many Christians (whether if they are truly saved or not) don't know their weapon very well (the bible, sword of the Spirit). It's like they are hiding in the trenches and and don't know how to reload their rifle, so they read the "instruction manual" as a devotion! And then only a few Christian soldiers are out on the front lines fighting in the war, and doing all the work. But just as soldiers receive badges, Christians receive crowns. I've heard a good sermon illustration about war and the Christian life. And its true, i can it see for myself as i compare it and as i continue in my walk, im gonna see some battle scars and brethren that have died in this war. Still i myself need to stay challenged to stay in the fight as it gets discouraging. There will be rest soon, until then i shall keep my "feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;" as people are still breathing and need to hear the gospel and be saved. Even the lost sinners play a part in this war and don't even know it... Their way of surviving is just pain selfish. No one can save themselves, and there's no life outside of Jesus Christ. Ecclesiastes 8:8 There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death: and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.
  6. IDK... why do you ask? Thanks for your comment. Good question.
  7. Yeah Ruckman has many faults, but i wouldn't list him with the other 3 =
  8. I'm not quite sure you understood my question, but that's okay. No reason to be contentious about it
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments. I just thought id share a few things, but as I said earlier, this topic is not worth debating ( Hebrews 13:9 ) Not everything I mentioned was even answered nor did I expect anyone must do so, id just rather have more of a fellowship than a debate. I'm sure theres enough of that.
  10. Yeah it was a joke but Im not surprised if it happened
  11. Quote it. Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. There were giants before and after the flood. The giants are "the same" mighty men
  12. Yes that's exactly what I believe / was trying to say with all the examples I listed above. I even agree that Coloss 2:9 means Jesus is fully God / and the Godhead is deity. The Godhead includes the "trinity". I'm not separating deity from trinity. God is a trinity and im not separating God from the Godhead. The Godhead is a trinity, is what im saying... which you agree with? But you don't agree the Godhead definition is "the trinity"?
  13. Yeah I seen this same kind of thread on a Pentecostal forum. I had no clue what they were saying, they'd type alottajibbertyjabberty and cheat everyone out
  14. While I have not searched for (extra) writings from the early centuries on E.S. The only early writing you need, is what is preserved in our bible today (KJV). Which certainly is "pro-E.S.". I haven't read the 50+ current answers here but i'll myself say to my knowledge that most, if not all, the early writings of Christians after 100 AD were not preserved as they were not scripture. Plus by the time Catholicsim came in, they soon enough burned their writings along with the Christians. The bible supports eternal security and that is all we need. But there are certainly faithful teachers of God's word today that teach and write on it. This is no new doctrine. Christians have always believe in E.S.