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  1. If you have one practical tip you can share

    I have a few tips: ~Find a church that actively goes soul winning, and if you are already in one, pair up with a seasoned soul winner and go out knocking doors with them as a silent partner. Don't feel shy asking several different church members if you can tag along; the more people you can learn from, the better. ~Always pray before going, asking the Holy Spirit to guide you where you need to go, and to work on the hearts of those you give the Gospel to. ~If you feel nervous, pray for boldness. ~Smile, be friendly! ~ Always have & use your King James Holy Bible to show the person directly from Scripture WHY they need salvation, and what they must BELIEVE (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) in order to be saved. ~Take them down the "Romans Road". A lot of (non-soul winning) Christians may scoff at it, but it is a direct, orderly, simple, easy to understand method of giving the Gospel that WORKS. ~ If they understand everything you showed them so far, read them John 3:16, ask if they believe that is true. If they do, lead them in prayer (remind them that the prayer doesn't save, that they were saved the moment they believed) to ask God to give them the free gift of salvation, and they are trusting in Jesus Christ ALONE to save them. ~Before leaving, and to ensure they really believe & not just going through the motions, ask them what could they do to lose their salvation now that they are saved. They should say, "nothing", or, "I can't lose it". Then you KNOW they truly believe & are saved. If they start naming off sins, they did NOT BELIEVE the Gospel & are still trusting their own works instead of Christ's. Patiently expound on the fact that Christ's sinless life, death, burial & (3 days later) His bodily ressurection paid for ALL sins---past, present AND future. ~Don't give up. Don't stop. You WILL get people saved if you keep doing it.
  2. Starting a church

    Here's my two cents, A church starts with the Pastor. A church must have a BIBLICALLY QUALIFIED Pastor. The Pastor is the anchor, the leader, of the local NT church, and the church is only as sound as its leadership. If a Pastor is not biblically qualified according to the requirements set forth in 1 Timothy 3, and Titus 1, he is not fit to be a Pastor....those aren't my rules, they are God's. Those 2 chapters instantly rule me out, because I am a woman, therefore I cannot biblically pastor a church, for example, and neither can Joyce Meyers or Paula White, whether they agree with it or not. Once a man of one wife, with children (plural) who are obedient, who rules his house well, is not given to wine(doesn't drink alcohol), not a novice (must be saved for a couple years or more, read the King James Bible cover to cover 10-20 times & studies it daily), is slow to anger(except it be righteous anger), has a good report outside of church, etc....has been a good servant of his local IFB church for at least a year or two(the more the better), desires to win souls to Christ & preach the ENTIRE Word of God in season AND OUT, isn't afraid of persecution, refuses to compromise, proven himself faithful & desires the work of a Pastor, and his sending church approves & the sending Pastor approves, THEN he can be ordained to Pastor a church & be sent out to where a good IFB Church is needed, and approved by the church and sending Pastor.
  3. Is a home church a biblical church?

    A church is not its building; a church is a congregation of believers. I do not believe the Home church movement is scriptural, although it is, as someone already said, a necessity in the beginning of a new church because of size. And as someone also pointed out already, the church will outgrow the house, as long as the church is led by a godly Pastor & he is ordained according to Biblical requirements & he is teaching from the KJB & preaching hard against sin & going soul winning regularly. I have not encountered a church who did all those things & STILL remained small enough to meet in an average size (2,500 sq. ft. +/-) home after several years.
  4. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Standing firm: You never answered my question----so I ask again: When you were ordained at age 29, was it in accordance with the Biblical REQUIREMENTS set forth in 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1 ??
  5. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Yes, all the false prophet Benny Hinn nonsense is nothing but a bunch of Mortal Kombat hocus pocus. The speaking in tongues thing is too. It's unbiblical. Anyone that reads their Bible knows the miracle at Pentecost was people understanding the preaching in their own native language, not some otherworldly, demonic ranting. God is certainly not the author of confusion.
  6. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    So you were ordained at age 29 by a PENTECOSTAL church? Please tell me you don't speak in tongues. Were you ordained according to the biblical requirements set forth in 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1??
  7. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    God bless that Pastor in NC. Maybe only one guy came to church, but a person can be saved without ever stepping foot in a church. Of course we WANT them to get into church but even if they don't, and they allow us to to give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they BELIEVE it and are saved it was still worth it. EVERY soul matters. Is it better to just let them all go to Hell?
  8. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    It really isn't about the numbers as much as the fact that a good, biblically sound, soulwinning church WILL be blessed by God , and WILL grow, even if it is slowly at first. I agree that it is God that gives the increase. But the harvest is plenty and the labourers few. Of course we are to preach the Gospel to every creature. That's a given. That is why we go soulwinning. It isn't some extracurricular activity, it is our COMMAND from our high priest, Jesus Christ. Because every 3 seconds, someone dies and goes to Hell. Are you comfortable with that? Not me. We ought to have compassion for the unsaved, and to love the lost and WANT them to be saved. With all the IFB churches in America, if we ALL went soulwinning just once a week, we would knock the doors of every house in America, we would have a revival that would shake the ends of the earth. I'm sick & tired of going soulwinning & the only other people besides us out knocking doors are the Jehovah's False Witnesses or the Mormons! WHERE are all the IFBs? Or ANY Baptists? There are exponentially more of us than the JW or Mormons.. Look, I really don't care if I see eye to eye with every miniscule issue that isn't major doctrine with all my brethren. Who cares if we disagree on things like Zionism, tithes, timing of the rapture or bible prophecy....if someone is saved, and they know they can't lose it, they know that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ ONLY, and believe the King James Holy Bible is the Word of God & they desire to see the lost get saved then I count them my brethren & say let's not forsake our first work, which is going door to door with Bible in hand & tear in the eye & give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature.
  9. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    I was emphasizing how a house "church" isn't of sufficient size to seat the number of people that congregate on an average Sunday morning. 300 is a modest figure, at least from my experience, living in a major city.
  10. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Our tithes do sustain. We give to our church because we KNOW our Pastor is using it to pay the church building's rent, and provide a place for saints to assemble. Also, our church is growing. House churches are a good stepping stone for Pastors who are new to the ministry & still working to get a real building for the church established, but I don't think it is practical to meet in a house indefinitely, as a church should see growth. And our Pastor doesn't force us to tithe, we do it because it makes sense, and our church goes soulwinning weekly, and we give hundreds of people the Gospel & collectively get hundreds of people saved. Call it giving if you wish, because we do give joyfully, but we all give a tithe(tenth). We give 10%.
  11. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Do you have a website? So you operate out of your home? That explains a lot. Is your home big enough to assemble 300 people? Do you go soulwinning?
  12. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    So your church meets in a tabernacle & offers agricultural tithes? How does your church function from mere carrots and peas? Is that how you pay your mortgage as well? Even Jesus had a treasurer. You didn't address anything I said about the church costing money to operate.
  13. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Here are my thoughts on the matter: I believe it is biblical to tithe. I haven't found any Scripture in the NT where God says, Stop tithing, do not give to your biblical, local, NT church. Perhaps I missed something, but I've looked & can't find it. "For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the LORD of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return? Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts. And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the LORD of hosts." .....Malachi 3:6-12 The Bible says here, that they were cursed with a curse because they had not been paying their tithes, & because they had been robbing from God that which belonged to him. Notice He says, "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house." The storehouse is God's house, according to this scripture. Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, so that there will be meat or food in my house. He says if you do that, "I will open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive." He says, "I'll rebuke the devourer for your sake." What he's saying is that, people who would not give the tithe would have bad things happen to them to where it would end up costing them more money than it would've cost to just give the 10% unto the Lord that he wanted. In fact, that's what tithe means. If you study the Bible, the word "tithe" and "tenth" are used interchangeably. Tithe simply means 10%. God expected man to give 10% of his increase, his income, what comes into his hand, unto the Lord. He says "I'll rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts." What God is saying here is that, He's able to make them prosper. He's able to make their crops grow better, and so forth; or He can allow these things to be cursed, dried out, & withered. What He's teaching here is that you're going to live better on 90% than you're going to live on 100%. If you, in your own wisdom, think to yourself, "Well, I just can't afford to pay the tithe. I need all the money that I can get, to live off of." What God's saying is that, he can stretch your money further. He can bless you ... Pour out a blessing and give you abundance, whereas ... If you rob God and withhold the tithe, the opposite will be true. You can have unexpected expenses come up where you'll end up even worse off, financially. The reason why (I think) people will scoff at this ... (Even though, the Bible is very clear. It's right there in Malachi 3. Anybody can see that that's what the Bible says) ... Is that there's a LOT of false teachers out there that don't care what the Bible says unless it makes them $, so they capitalize on it.... The televangelist crowd, the 'name it, claim it' prosperity preachers that are living in multi-million dollar homes ... They've got gold rings on their fingers, driving Jaguars or a Porsche & telling everybody, "Hey. If you give us money, God's going to bless you! You give a $100, you're going to get $1,000! If you give $1,000, you're going to get $10,000!". The Joel Osteens, Benny Hinns, Jim & Tammy Faye Bakers, Joyce Meyers, etc. Obviously, these people are liars, frauds, and charlatans. The problem is that then, people throw out the baby with the bathwater. At the same time, we don't want to go to far in the other wrong direction, and not understand that God DOES bless you when you obey Him. It's a fact. If you obey God, He blesses you. This is one subject where that's true. In other subjects it's also true. Any time you're keeping God's commandments and doing the right thing, God's going to bless you. Where the prosperity crowd gets it wrong is, they don't tell you about all the trials, tribulations, and persecutions, and that you will possibly go through bad health. Look at Job, he's covered in sores from head to toe, and he was the most righteous man on the earth at that time. What was the latter end of Job? In the end, everything works out. In the end, he's blessed. My pastor does not live in a big fancy mansion like the worldly false prophets that covet filthy lucre; he lives in a VERY modest home (1400 sqft +/-), despite having 8 children (9th on the way) and of course, his wife, & they live in a humble neighborhood. He is certainly NOT in it for the money. He takes nothing from the government...no food stamps or free healthcare, he doesn't drive a jaguar or a Maserati; he shares a used, old van (the kind you rarely see anymore--the baby blue w/yellow stripes, metal ladder up the back, with the hideous OEM faux velvet curtains in the back windows that most people would rather take the commuter train than be seen in) with his wife, who stays home to guide the house & school their children, all of his suits are used (from secondhand thrift stores), our church building is plain....it's merely a very large suite rented out from an office strip, so there are no beautiful stained glass windows, lush landscaping, ornate wooden pews to pay for, No stage or music room filled with elaborate instruments or impressive sound system---just an old piano needing tuned in the corner that was donated by the landlord's wife. The pulpit was built by the Pastor himself, from a stack of 2x4s he paid $5 for from Craigslist, which he then stained with instant coffee(it looks quite nice, actually). But our services every week are air-conditioned, we have lights, power, running water, our Pastor works around the clock, he writes his own sermons thrice weekly, preaches hard against sin, in season AND out, he rips face like the old school IFB, he teaches us how to be effective soulwinners & is out pounding the pavement with us weekly knocking doors, he doesn't allow queers in the congregation or tolerate fornication (if a couple are dating & are in fornication or living together unmarried he will give them 3 options: 1. If they claim to be in love & want to be together, they have 7 days to get married; 2. If they don't want to get married they must not live together & MUST stop fornicating; 3. If they refuse to get married or stop fornicating & stop living together then they must leave the church) adultery, divorce, false doctrine, he stands on the King James Bible only, he doesn't fold when persecution comes, and when homos are outside protesting he makes no apologies for the Word of God and preaches even harder.. EVERYTHING he preaches he proves with Scripture from the KJB, he encourages us to read our Bible daily & prove all things from Scripture. He sells nothing. Everything is free. We give out a free King James Bible to every soul led to the Lord when out soulwinning, the fridge is always stocked with water, Gatorade, special snacks for the elderly/diabetics/pregnant or nursing moms. He offers the younger adult couples (that wish to marry, and are biblically eligible to) a free wedding, decorates the church building, marries them, provides a free cake & free wedding photos, he provides every family a free annual family portrait, he provides church activities, like camping trips, baby showers for expectant mothers, free CDs of his preaching, free USB drives of his sermons, he provides breakfast & buys lunch weekly to all that go soulwinning on Saturdays, the list goes on and on. He is clear & open about church finances & hides nothing. He is a good steward of the tithes we give, & our church has never borrowed $, never had any debt. He NEVER has fundraisers or asks us to "dig deep". He is one of the hardest workers I've ever met. He truly practices what he preaches in all aspects of his life and ministry, and that is rare these days, even amongst IFB. My point is this: Pastoring a church is a full-time job. It IS work. And it is a LOT more work than people think. Our pastor is CONSTANTLY working. It is also a HUGE responsibility, as any Bible-believing pastor knows that God is holding him accountable for the flock, and he will be chastened & held accountable by God more than the flock. It takes MONEY to have a building for the church to meet at. If nobody tithes, how can the pastor support himself, his wife & kids (which is, by the way, a biblical requirement to pastoring a church--It must be a man, of one wife, with children, that ruleth his house well) ? Our family has NO problem paying our tithe...and we actually have LESS financial problems since we started this church and tithed. Plus, we KNOW where it's going (our church building alone costs $6,000 a month to rent) and our pastor works harder than most any pastor I've known and the Bible says if a man works he has the right to eat and drink.
  14. Lester Roloff

    Why do you think nobody knows when they we saved? I remember the EXACT moment I got saved, in 2004. I remember hearing the Gospel but never understanding it until I came to the lowest, most humbling point in my life when I sought God with all of my heart, soul & mind sincerely. It was THEN that the Holy Spirit enlightened me to the understanding of His Gospel, that I am a sinner who deserves Hell, but that God's love & mercy prompted Him to sent His Son into this wicked, fallen world to do for us what we ourselves CANNOT do....which is pay our debt of sin & go to Heaven. And while Christ did this for all, it finally became clear that "all" included little ole me. The verse I heard all my life, John 3:16, but never grasped the meaning of, was being manifest in my mind, soul & spirit for the first time. It was like God reached down with the greatest gift one could ever hope to receive, salvation from Hell, (with my name on it) & presented it to me, with Jesus Christ being the proof of purchase.. And I, with all my heart, BELIEVE it. THAT VERY SAME MOMENT I believed, I couldn't help but announce it (even though I knew God already could see in my heart & knew) & I was instantly CHANGED. I was reborn. I really don't think a person even can be saved & NOT KNOW they are.
  15. My heart is broken as I write this...

    I'm sorry to hear that, how awful that they had to be the ones that discovered him. I will certainly include them in my prayers, and ask God to bless and provide for the family.