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  1. "Repent of Your Sins" False gospel

    I don't believe in dispensationalism, nor do I deny any self-proclaimed "Jew" the Gospel out soul-winning. I give them the Gospel just the same as anyone else. They are sinners in need of a Saviour just like me or anyone else ....the thing I keep running into with Jews is they do not believe Jesus is Christ. They are waiting for their own "Christ" who will be the prophesied Anti-Christ. The Talmud blasphemes Jesus in the worst way, and Judaism is based on the Talmud & Mishnah, btw, NOT the Torah. That is why the misnomer "Judeo-Christian" is an oxymoron, because Christianity is NOT affiliated with Judaism any more than it is (not) affiliated with the wicked religion of Islam. And I am aware of what Zionism is, and the promises God made to the Israelites were conditional upon their obedience, and they ALWAYS turned to false gods & worshiping Baal. THEY didn't fulfill their end so they defaulted. That is why Jesus came, to save the world from their sins, & yet, they rejected Him then, the same as many Jews reject Him today. Which is why He said He came unto His own & His own received Him not. And the Jews moving to Israel (which was created by the UN in 1948) are not obeying God, either. They are merely committing genocide against the Palestinians & taking the land by force, paid for by our American tax dollars. We give "Israel" $8 MILLION PER DAY, which is roughly $3 BILLION annually...for what? So the military-industrial complex can bomb, maime, murder & terrify Palestinians....a portion of whom are Christians. Ever BEEN to "Israel"? I have, and I can testify that the people there calling themselves Jews are the Synagogue of Satan, as spoken of by Jesus in Revelation 3:10. They are STILL hateful of Christ, & when I went last summer on a mission trip to spread the Gospel with a group of brethren, we were shocked and horrified to see that Tel Aviv was exactly how Sodom was described in the days of Lot.....if you think San Fagcisco is bad, well Tel Aviv makes that wicked city look like a tea party. EVERY foul, sexually perverse thing one can imagine(& more that one could never imagine) goes on unashamedly & proudly, out in the open in Israel. And the moment anyone found out We were not Jewish, they treated my brethren & I WORSE than animals. I was called a "filthy goy", was spat on, kicked, had my shirt torn off, was almost raped, and had my King James Bible snatched from my hands as I witnessed an Orthodox "rabbi" tear out pages from it and mimicked wiping his backside with it. So, yes, for the Zionists out there that support the man-made Israhell & thinks they are poor, victimized sufferers at the mercy of the Palestinians, I say turn off your teLIEvision & go see for yourself, because it is the EXACT OPPOSITE. Finally, Linda, I find it interesting that you refer to Jews as a "class" of people, and Gentiles & believers as a different class. Class indicates hierarchy, and supremacy, & we are not to think we are better than anyone else. The Bible says that a "Jew" is one INWARDLY....NOT outwardly. And just to clarify, I am not mad at you because you claim you are a Jew. I praise God that you believe & are saved & I hope those in Israel will believe on Christ because I don't wish any of them to suffer in Hell. Have a blessed day.
  2. "Repent of Your Sins" False gospel

    How is that a Roman Catholic statement? Because I am NOT a Roman Catholic, but I do believe the KJV to be the Word of God. And of course Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, but the Jews hated Christ & one cannot read the Bible without noticing that. Pontius Pilate even washed his hands and declared that he is innocent of the blood of this just man. To which the Jews shouted, "His blood be upon us and our children". So yes, they hated Christ. i believe the Bible, not Zionist ideology. what do you mean you are an "ethnic Jew"? They were scattered and I would think that everyone has a bit of "Jew" in them.
  3. "Repent of Your Sins" False gospel

    Salvation happens in an instant. When one BELIEVES on the work that JESUS did to save us. Now, unless a person can look in the mirror and see that they are a sinner, and as a result, deserving of Hell, they will NEVER come to believe on Christ & receive salvation because they will not understand what they need Saving from. That is an issue of pride. When one thinks that their own good deeds, and turning from/no longer committing sin (whether it be lying, stealing, fornication, covetousness, etc..) is required for salvation, that is a works-based false Gospel. A person can turn from many sins but NOBODY can turn from EVERY sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. Who among us can say , that, because they are saved , they no longer commit ANY sin? Even AFTER salvation, you will sin. Being saved does NOT mean you will never sin again. It just means that you are trusting that Jesus Christ ALREADY paid the penalty to God for your sins (past present AND future) through HIS WORK on the cross & instead of receiving the punishment we deserve(Hell), we believe the Gospel & receive salvation(Heaven) as a free gift by the grace of God, who is merciful. Am I promoting sin? Absolutely not; I hate sin. Do I work as hard as possible to do good deeds & repent anyway? Of course. Even though I am indwelled w/the Holy Spirit I am still in this human body of flesh, and while my spirit is willing, my flesh is weak. i still do try to get sin out of my life, not so that I can get saved, but because I AM saved. God will never take away my salvation, but He WILL chasten me as His child when I sin. And I won't suffer the consequences in the next life, but I will suffer those consequences in THIS life.
  4. "Repent of Your Sins" False gospel

    No. Turning from her sin can never save, only by trusting the Gospel (sinless life, death, burial & bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ) can she be saved. And everyone gets saved the same way. "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."...John 1:17
  5. If you have one practical tip you can share

    I have a few tips: ~Find a church that actively goes soul winning, and if you are already in one, pair up with a seasoned soul winner and go out knocking doors with them as a silent partner. Don't feel shy asking several different church members if you can tag along; the more people you can learn from, the better. ~Always pray before going, asking the Holy Spirit to guide you where you need to go, and to work on the hearts of those you give the Gospel to. ~If you feel nervous, pray for boldness. ~Smile, be friendly! ~ Always have & use your King James Holy Bible to show the person directly from Scripture WHY they need salvation, and what they must BELIEVE (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) in order to be saved. ~Take them down the "Romans Road". A lot of (non-soul winning) Christians may scoff at it, but it is a direct, orderly, simple, easy to understand method of giving the Gospel that WORKS. ~ If they understand everything you showed them so far, read them John 3:16, ask if they believe that is true. If they do, lead them in prayer (remind them that the prayer doesn't save, that they were saved the moment they believed) to ask God to give them the free gift of salvation, and they are trusting in Jesus Christ ALONE to save them. ~Before leaving, and to ensure they really believe & not just going through the motions, ask them what could they do to lose their salvation now that they are saved. They should say, "nothing", or, "I can't lose it". Then you KNOW they truly believe & are saved. If they start naming off sins, they did NOT BELIEVE the Gospel & are still trusting their own works instead of Christ's. Patiently expound on the fact that Christ's sinless life, death, burial & (3 days later) His bodily ressurection paid for ALL sins---past, present AND future. ~Don't give up. Don't stop. You WILL get people saved if you keep doing it.
  6. Starting a church

    Here's my two cents, A church starts with the Pastor. A church must have a BIBLICALLY QUALIFIED Pastor. The Pastor is the anchor, the leader, of the local NT church, and the church is only as sound as its leadership. If a Pastor is not biblically qualified according to the requirements set forth in 1 Timothy 3, and Titus 1, he is not fit to be a Pastor....those aren't my rules, they are God's. Those 2 chapters instantly rule me out, because I am a woman, therefore I cannot biblically pastor a church, for example, and neither can Joyce Meyers or Paula White, whether they agree with it or not. Once a man of one wife, with children (plural) who are obedient, who rules his house well, is not given to wine(doesn't drink alcohol), not a novice (must be saved for a couple years or more, read the King James Bible cover to cover 10-20 times & studies it daily), is slow to anger(except it be righteous anger), has a good report outside of church, etc....has been a good servant of his local IFB church for at least a year or two(the more the better), desires to win souls to Christ & preach the ENTIRE Word of God in season AND OUT, isn't afraid of persecution, refuses to compromise, proven himself faithful & desires the work of a Pastor, and his sending church approves & the sending Pastor approves, THEN he can be ordained to Pastor a church & be sent out to where a good IFB Church is needed, and approved by the church and sending Pastor.
  7. Is a home church a biblical church?

    A church is not its building; a church is a congregation of believers. I do not believe the Home church movement is scriptural, although it is, as someone already said, a necessity in the beginning of a new church because of size. And as someone also pointed out already, the church will outgrow the house, as long as the church is led by a godly Pastor & he is ordained according to Biblical requirements & he is teaching from the KJB & preaching hard against sin & going soul winning regularly. I have not encountered a church who did all those things & STILL remained small enough to meet in an average size (2,500 sq. ft. +/-) home after several years.
  8. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Standing firm: You never answered my question----so I ask again: When you were ordained at age 29, was it in accordance with the Biblical REQUIREMENTS set forth in 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1 ??
  9. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Yes, all the false prophet Benny Hinn nonsense is nothing but a bunch of Mortal Kombat hocus pocus. The speaking in tongues thing is too. It's unbiblical. Anyone that reads their Bible knows the miracle at Pentecost was people understanding the preaching in their own native language, not some otherworldly, demonic ranting. God is certainly not the author of confusion.
  10. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    So you were ordained at age 29 by a PENTECOSTAL church? Please tell me you don't speak in tongues. Were you ordained according to the biblical requirements set forth in 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1??
  11. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    God bless that Pastor in NC. Maybe only one guy came to church, but a person can be saved without ever stepping foot in a church. Of course we WANT them to get into church but even if they don't, and they allow us to to give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they BELIEVE it and are saved it was still worth it. EVERY soul matters. Is it better to just let them all go to Hell?
  12. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    It really isn't about the numbers as much as the fact that a good, biblically sound, soulwinning church WILL be blessed by God , and WILL grow, even if it is slowly at first. I agree that it is God that gives the increase. But the harvest is plenty and the labourers few. Of course we are to preach the Gospel to every creature. That's a given. That is why we go soulwinning. It isn't some extracurricular activity, it is our COMMAND from our high priest, Jesus Christ. Because every 3 seconds, someone dies and goes to Hell. Are you comfortable with that? Not me. We ought to have compassion for the unsaved, and to love the lost and WANT them to be saved. With all the IFB churches in America, if we ALL went soulwinning just once a week, we would knock the doors of every house in America, we would have a revival that would shake the ends of the earth. I'm sick & tired of going soulwinning & the only other people besides us out knocking doors are the Jehovah's False Witnesses or the Mormons! WHERE are all the IFBs? Or ANY Baptists? There are exponentially more of us than the JW or Mormons.. Look, I really don't care if I see eye to eye with every miniscule issue that isn't major doctrine with all my brethren. Who cares if we disagree on things like Zionism, tithes, timing of the rapture or bible prophecy....if someone is saved, and they know they can't lose it, they know that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ ONLY, and believe the King James Holy Bible is the Word of God & they desire to see the lost get saved then I count them my brethren & say let's not forsake our first work, which is going door to door with Bible in hand & tear in the eye & give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature.
  13. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    I was emphasizing how a house "church" isn't of sufficient size to seat the number of people that congregate on an average Sunday morning. 300 is a modest figure, at least from my experience, living in a major city.
  14. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Our tithes do sustain. We give to our church because we KNOW our Pastor is using it to pay the church building's rent, and provide a place for saints to assemble. Also, our church is growing. House churches are a good stepping stone for Pastors who are new to the ministry & still working to get a real building for the church established, but I don't think it is practical to meet in a house indefinitely, as a church should see growth. And our Pastor doesn't force us to tithe, we do it because it makes sense, and our church goes soulwinning weekly, and we give hundreds of people the Gospel & collectively get hundreds of people saved. Call it giving if you wish, because we do give joyfully, but we all give a tithe(tenth). We give 10%.
  15. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Do you have a website? So you operate out of your home? That explains a lot. Is your home big enough to assemble 300 people? Do you go soulwinning?