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    Pastor Manly Perry!!
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    Hi, I'm just a 17 year old girl from texas. I never went to church my whole life until i was 13 and it was too a mormon church. I always knew something was up about it and I personally never liked it, then my dad found out everything about them so we never went again and we were there less than a year. I never even knew what church or jesus or anything was then..Years went passed and then my dad went to kansas for 6 months and found this independent fundamentalist baptist preacher named Pastor Steven Anderson! He listened to him and he liked what he said and he got saved. Then he found out that there opening up a church in my city! (san antonio, texas) called Old Path Baptist so we been going there ever since and me, my mom, and sister all got saved! we believe in the kjv only and we soulwin every sunday! and there's some great hard preaching! and well that's my story...thanks for reading!!