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  1. Hi. My name is Genevanpreacher. I am 49 years old, and have been a bible believing child of God for 27 years this past January. Being of sound mind and biblical doctrine, I profess unto you, I believe all the things written in the law of Moses, and all the scriptures, pertaining to the Lord and Christ Jesus; and after the way which some 'brothers' call heresy, believe the Holy Scriptures above ANY man 'of God' who 'swears by' the traditions of men, as their proof of the 'truth' that they are of God and 'I ain't'.   I love the Lord Jesus, and believe with all my heart that he is, was, and always shall be, God in human form.   It is nice to be in a group to have encouraging discussions, and I hope to be one who does some of that encouraging.   Let all beware, I DO NOT KNOW IT ALL, but what I do know, I try to share with a loving spirit and attitude. So if I write like I am angry or yelling, you are wrong, I 'ain't'. I just love to share info.   Looking forward to learning AND teaching.   Any comments or questions, please state'em with brotherly love in 'control' and don't kill me with your 'brotherly righteousness'.   Look at any of my videos on u-tube, under my name here, 'genevanpreacher', the videos with a kitty cat.   Thanks.
  2. case you are interested.   Any comments or constructive criticism is welcome: I'm not a professional writer at all, but sometimes, I do like to quickly post something that is on my mind: Its called Kevin's Komments, and for the most part, has to do w/Scriptural notes and thoughts.   Thanks, Kevin