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  1. Please pray for my mother who is 63 and having a total knee replacement  done Wed. morning. She has a blood clottiing issue that complicates it also. I'm just very nervous about this surgery in general. Afraid they'll find something like cancer in her or something. She's my best  friend forever. I'll be with her during her hospital stay and I will stay at her house a few weeks while she's in recovery. She won't be able to drive for 6 weeks. PLease pray on Wed. morning.
  2. I live in an apartment building and across the hall from me a lady in wheelchair, one leg, move in to apartment. We quickly became friends. I've invited her multiple times over the past year to church. She always said no, that she "tried church" before. A year later, she said she'd go Sunday for Friend Day! I'm so excited! Please prayer she';ll actually go and not change her mind. that we'll have good weather. that she'll have good  interactions with others in church and want to come again.  We're having a cookout after service, which is what I think helped entice her to come, since we can just wheel her around the yard of church. Pastor preached on bringing big things to God, and I did, and she said yes! She's a very hard hearted woman, very negative about everything, complains constantly. But God has given me the grace to continue to be friends with the old bird and it may pay off Sunday. Her name is Hannah, please pray for God to continue to soften her heart so she'll be ready to receive and act on the Gospel message.
  3. Prayer For Pain Relief

    Please say a prayer for me. I live with chronic pain in my back, hips and feet. My hips have been hurting exceedingly so the last few days and it really hits when I lay down at night for bed like I am now. I have fibromyalgia and it feels like someone has thrown me down a couple flights of concrete steps. I can't lay on my sides at all. 
  4. Prayer For My Daughter

    I'm asking for prayer this weekend for my daughter, who is away at college, is on a Christian retreat weekend. I believe she is saved, so I pray for a recommitting herself to walk with the Lord but if not, please pray for her salvation. As some of you know from my previous prayer requests last few months with my daughter getting her graduated and off to college has been stressful to say the least.  But, we are greatly blessed in that when we moved back home to Illinois her best friend was from our church then, great Christian family, etc. they moved after her 7th grade year. Now, that friend is attending the same college and has got my daughter to participate in Bible studies with her! And is also with her on this retreat.  
  5. Prayer For Healing

    I'm on day 3 of a bug of some kind. Feel better than day one and two. But really punk. Prayer would be appreciated.
  6. I'm asking for prayer for a family friend who's family found out today he's been taken captive. This is not in the media yet. His name is Chris. That's all the info I know at this point. He has a young wife and one year old baby. All prayers for his safety and return are coveted! We've all seen the news lately that they are beheading a lot of the captives.
  7. Urgent Prayer For 9 Year Old

    Please pray for 9 year old girl named London who was just taken to  E.R. because (supposedly, heard from neighbors) she tried to kill herself because her mom's boyfriend has been beating her. She called and told her grandma who called cops. Mother didn't even go with daughter to E.R. I just can't fathom this type of stuff. Pray for child and that justice will be done for her if needed.
  8. I've posted a few requests for prayer for me and my daughter's relationship and I still covet those prayers, nothing has changed. I have been praying she would get a Christian roommate in college, she found out today her new roommate is from India. I'm upset about it. My daughter is leaving a small town. I know I'm a mom worrying about her baby. She's going from a small town to a city and her college has about 10,000 students. The odds of the Indian roommate being a Christian is small. Her roommate is studying molecular physics or something physics.
  9. Requesting Prayer

    I'm requesting prayer for me and my daughter's relationship. She moved out last March/April in with my mom. Absolutely no respect for me. She turned 18 in February. She acts like she hates me lately. My heart is breaking on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I'm dying of a broken heart. Any dialogue with her ends up with us fighting. She leaves for college next month and I've been praying she'll have a Christian roommate. She was saved at age 11 but hasn't attended church since I started attending IFB. I've been crying for hours last few days after trying to talk to her. It really feels like she hates me.
  10. Prayer Request For My Grandma

    Please pray for my grandma Dorothy who's been an amputee for 5 years from bone cancer. She's in hospital now for bladder infection and they're running other tests. Also requesting prayer for my mom and my aunts who have been able to keep my grandma in her own home for last 5 years but my grandma is now older, weaker, sicker, and her other leg's knee is giving out. She's 85ish. My grandma needs to accept that she may no longer be able to stay in her own home. Her doorways are too narrow for her wheelchair for starters. My mom and my aunts are all in their 60's now and have health prOBlems of their own and would unable to care for her in their home also. My mom's home's doorways are too narrow for a wheelchair also. I'm not any help because of a lot of back prOBlems. My grandma has also gained a lot of weight since being in a wheelchair which compounds the prOBlem of moving and lifting her. She has stated she wants to make it until her last granddaughter's wedding, in two weeks. Then I feel she's just going to give up. She is saved and a Christian. If she stays in hospital for another day and half Medicare would pay for nursing home for her to recuperate a few weeks before more decisions are made. But she is very strong-willed and wouldn't go without a lot of prayer! I know this is long and I've asked for prayer for her before. Thank you!   Last time she was in hospital and went to nursing home for a few weeks she was very glad she did.
  11. Please Pray For My Daughter

    Anyone that is still awake please pray for my daughter tonight. She got mad at me and said she's moving out, "you're dead to me", etc. a little while ago and took a bunch of her stuff and said she was going to her dad's. My mom came over and talked her into going to her house first to talk. Please first pray she doesn't make the hour plus drive to her dad's house at this hour, mad at me, not a safe situation. She turned 18 last month and leaves for college in the fall. She has a horrible temper. She doesn't get it from me or her father, my father had a hair-trigger temper and it's like living with him again. I walk on eggshells around her so I don't upset her lately. I'm so anxious and edgy when it's time for her to come home from school or work I want to run away. The fight was same as every other, her attitude and way she talks to me, cusses when she's talking to me, and thinks we are equals. Please just pray for us tonight. Thank you in advance.
  12. Concerning the situation in Romania, there is a church that needs our support in prayer. In the far north-east of the country on the border with Ukraine and Moldova is a small poor village where years ago an American missionary started an independent baptist church, mostly a kids mission. Now he is gone back in the States and the kids are in their teens and early 20s being taken care by the 23y old preacher Benone, only partly prepared and with little authority. We visited from Lugoj for other issues but God touched us all by the way he works in these youngsters still thirsty for God's truth long after the American 'cornucopia' in their eyes is gone and in the midst of so much pentecostal and adventist heresy in their area, even in their community where they are mocked and not taken seriously for being so young. Still they continue to stand strong. As Bro. Irwine put it, that dirt desolate road to a forsaken village might look unappealing to the world but in God's eyes that road may very well be of gold, for he has his children there, and he reaches to them. The brothers from the College said they will help the brother Benone with study material via the post which is really beneficial. Let's pray that The Lord God is his eternal wisdom and might strengthens and spiritually grows his church in the village called Baranca.  
  13. Pray For Me Today

    I need prayer now, today. I'm so stressed I'm going to have a stroke! God please give me the skills to enjoy my blessing until she graduates. Huge fight.
  14. Pray for family my cousin's ex wife was murdered last night. Guy who murdered her killed himself. They have 3 kids. One just got married 2 weeks ago.
  15. Request Prayer For Friend

    Please pray for a friend of mine who is having a bronchoscopy done tomorrow (Oct. 7). She has major health/breathing issues from smoking. She only 38 with 4 children and husband. They think she may have CHF (congestive heart failure). She's been in hospital since last Thursday (Oct. 3).   She's a very new Christian, saved a few weeks ago when she was in hospital the last time. She's also in a hospital not close to home so no visitors (cards or flowers) either.
  16. Barry's Prayer

    This was written when I was homeless after the first time I got hit by a car. But before the second time that I got hit by a car. I dated my witings to keep track of my feelings.                                                              8/7/02 Traveling through these hard times, when life sent along rough rides Makes you wonder why God wants you to learn how different types of people will try and make you burn. Seems all that you really have are the values learned as a child When growing from small, parents should have taught you right from wrong: how to get along, share and show compassion. Giving tools, praying you will make good decisions.    But you seem to find you spent not the time to learn how to get by when meanness  arrives at your side. Then you are pressed, put into a bind,  you must make snap decisions, to try and survive. I’ve never had the wit to catch evil by surprise. I always end up in a tough bind, usually happy to survive   I’m torn by what to do. My heart would be shattered  if I hurt them like I want to. But I can’t live like this  anymore, I almost died this last time, this is for sure. God, you need to show me what it is you want from me, I need a plan to show  the path I must go !   I feel so lost, so all alone, I know I screwed away much of the life you gave to me. But I’m proud you chose to give me another try   I need a strong helping hand, for alone this quest is as much as dead. My hard-headed ways,  Always  sent me the wrong way. I know in my heart, If left alone in this new start,  we’ll meet sooner  than should be.   There’s too much love left in me to be wasted, not used, especially at this time. Mankind needs all it can find, to survive, Your love, it seems to me, is in great Need. The world is trying to erupt. This is not how we should be. Will You please help us learn the way to live in peace?   Life is very tough for a person like  me I guess wrong  decisions that seemed right at the time,  Not knowing better,  put my life in this bind. So I trudge along each day, praying in my own way, that one day I will find,  love that will satisfy, and make me feel whole.   You know what I need the most. Please help me realize, how to truly open and let you in, I’ve tried, but been denied, the Holy Ghost I need to find,  Before my life reaches the end, Amen.   
  17. Prayer Request For A Friend

    I'm asking for prayer for my friend Joyce who's going to be tested for multiple sclerosis/ ALS/ Parkinsons. She's having trouble walking and sometimes can't. I had suspected one of these diagnoses when she was telling her symptoms to me but I wasn't going to tell her what I suspected. She's also a lifelong catholic.
  18. Prayer Request

    I'm asking for prayer for my finances especially this month.
  19. Asking For Prayer

    I'm asking for prayer for me and my 17 yr. old daughter. Sometimes I don't think I can take another day. I just take each day as best I can and pray for strength and guidance.
  20. Answers To Prayer

    Let me share 2 prayer's from back in 1992 and their answers.   1) I was a brand new christian and my pastor got up and said the King James Bible is the word of God. I also learned that I can pray about "anything" and should pray about "everything"   Well, like a child I started to pray about what bible I should use. After all, the christian book store had so many versions it was confusing to me. I went to a book fair and was talking to my friend by one of the many tables. Nehemiah seemed to pray even when he was in the presence of other people so I prayed in my heart, when I reached, down for God to guide me to what He would have me to pull out. I grabbed a book whose binding was worn down beyond recognition (as many of the books were worn) and pulled out an old bible. My heart raced and I asked how much: $1. I still have that turn of the century King James Bible but it had since been rebound and is in storage.   2) I was a brand new christian and wanted to get a book to read at the book store. Like I said above, I had learned that I can pray about "anything" and should pray about "everything"   So, I prayed for God to guide me to the book that He would have me to read ... just any book. I think I apologized that I wasn't looking for a bible although I can't remember for sure. I walked into the store and walked to a "random" shelf. I pulled a little book whose binding was too small to read off the shelf. It was called "Bible Facts About Heaven" by John R Rice. I was attending an independent baptist church, Jack Hyles had visited , ran from the pulpit and preached from atop a pew. Well, anyway, I wen't to the store worker, showed him the book, and asked if there were any more books like the one I had found. He said "I'm suprised that one was on the shelf, we don't usually carry those, someone must have special ordered it and not picked it up" To understand the depth of this ... you would need to consider how many books are in a book store, John Rice's connection to independent baptists, and so on. The same God that parted the sea for the Israelites led me as a new believer to that book.
  21. Prayer Of Resurrection

    Mom (Henriette Billard) who was 97 had to be hospitalized for distort food roads. A pneumonia of inhalation was discovered. Failing to treat it or to feed mom by oral route, the hospital where she was decided not to nourish her by any means and refuse to let her back home until it was sure she would die. She was then authorized to come back home within a hospital at home. She died 3 days later. Considering that every person has the right to live whatever their age, there has been an injustice of which mom was the victim and it should be repaired( Luke 18), I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ to raise up my mother from the deads Philippe Billard  
  22. Soulmate

    Please Pray GOD brings me(Phil C.) my soul mate real real soon,I'm 40 years old and never had a girlfriend.Thank You
  23. Doubts About God

    Dear brethren, I would like to ask ye to pray for me, as I am having many doubts about God, Jesus' Resurrection and NT Canon authencity. Actually, my mind is all messed up. I just feel very bad because of this, and I don't know when this thing is gonna end. I have chronic problems with doubts, but I can't take anymore of this. I don't want to doubt my God, yet I haven't found a way to prevent doubts from coming. Please help!
  24. Daniel 6

    Daniel 6 “Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime”. (v. 10) It is interesting to note that Daniel defied the proclamation of king Darius, and prayed as he had always done, not changing his pattern. You see, he could have closed the windows, and still prayed, and he would feel just in doing so, so as not to “make any waves”. Though commanded otherwise, he still did what he had always done. This speaks of consistency, as well as OBeying the Lord at all cost, and at all times, in spite of the opposition. Daniel is known for taking a stand, or, as we teach the children “standing alone”. We sing the song “Dare to be a Daniel” and yet I wonder what most of us would have done? Daniel openly, and flagrantly defied the kings order, knowing full well what the punishment would be. He did not justify hiding his actions by telling himself, “well, at least I am still praying” or perhaps, as I have heard many times, “If I get caught, then the praying will cease. It is better that I pray than die, and the praying ceases.” That thinking applies to all areas of our lives, of course. We have many ways of justifying our compromise. He was praying “to the glory of God” and could have justified himself in delaying the inevitable by simply closing the window, but he did not. It is as if (by the reckoning of many today) he says “Catch me if you can” to the king and his cohorts; some might say that he tempted God, and I see the fine line of distinction there, but Daniel just continued to do what he had always done in the way he had always done it. We need to “dare to be Daniels” today too. I wonder if we would oppose the government today if it conflicted with our private worship. Some do, and acquire a certain amount of fame, but these are rare fellows, and often thought to be very strange even among their peers. Daniel may have been accused of bringing trouble on himself, and deliberately trying to make trouble because he could have closed the window and not made himself so OBvious. He could have compromised his regular custom of praying toward Jerusalem with the window open. I do not condone anarchy, or rebellion, but there are times when the politics of this world clash with the things of God. It happened in Paul’s day, and in every age since; even Jesus had to deal with a religious-political system. What will you do when that day comes for you? Will you dare to be a Daniel?