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What's Your Temp Today?

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Was -7 when I arose this morning at 6. May hit 28 today.


Since we both live in Cleveland, IJ2:15-17 our weather is about the same.  Although, I get the lake effect.



We have about an inch of ice (from the freezing rain/sleet) on the ground and a light dusting of snow on top of the ice.  It's 28°F now...maybe it will get warm enough for that ice to melt.  Driving is extremely hazardous.


It is cold and snowy all over the USA.  Even in Mississippi, LindaR.  We are making up for all the mild winters.

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This is getting monotous.  Another storm and heavy rains again today.  In N. Wales and Blackpool they had over 100 MPH winds.  We didn't get it that strong but is was pretty windy all the same.  They say the next storm is piling up over tha Atlantic to het in a few days time.  And they say there is no end in site. Our meeting was cancelled this evening.  A sinkhole appeared in the M" motorway yesterday, that is our main road to London.  The road has been closed causing congestion on all the side roads.  Our preacher this evening cancelled  because of the road situation and the weather. 

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Anotyer storm today and more floods.  They showed one plsace on TV this evening where the tide is bribg waves 20 mile inland.  Many train lines have been washed away. 


My grandson was coming to visit tomorrow but has had to cancel his visit as he says All the trains in the region have been cancelled for tomorrow, and he lives less than 20 miles away.


I had to go to Canterbury this morning as I had to take some stuff to the Household Waste Recycling Site, and visit several stores. As I arrived at the second store it begain to rain and get a bit windy.  As I wanted to fill the car with petrol, I thought I had better do it then bebore the weather got worse. That was a wise decision as when we came out the rain was heavier and the wind worse.  I had one more store to visit and when I was leaving the assistant said "You had better run."  I did.  On the way home there were many large puddles in the road and every time I drove through one my car said "Battery Charging Fault." 


It is now midnight and I can hear the wind and rain outside.  Thy say next weeks storms will be less severe, and then we may get the heavy snow from the US after that.  They say that could take 3 days to cross the Atlantic. 

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