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Is A Mohawk Sin?

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As far as I know, the only NT scripture that speaks in men's hair is in 1Cor 11, where it says it is a shame for a man to have long hair. Why is it a shame? because long hair was given to the woman as he glory, as a covering because in wearing it long, it represents her acceptance of her husband's, (of unmarried, father or brother), authority, or headship, over her. As such, wearing her hair long, she is submissive to her husband, thus to God, and is fit to pray and speak the things of God.


So when a man wears his hair long, he is showing himself as a woman, not fit to be in a leadership place in his family, thus, not accepting of the Lord's leadership-he is as a woman, and is thereby not fit to pray or speak the word of God.


Hence its a shame because he is showing himself to be as a woman. And despite what current culture says, a man should be a man and show himself a man, which includes short hair. How short? If you need to ask, "Is it short enough?, it prOBably isn't.

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Most people say that a Christian family must not copy the world, but live separately from it.. Then they say mohawk is sign of rebellion.. and if you sum up... Living separately from the world equals to being a rebel, so having a mohawk when being christian is totally fine!

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Ahh no, God defines right and wrong and the whole world is in rebellion to God.  Living a separated life is to live a God-honoring life, it is when Christians stray from holiness and righteousness that the Christian is then in rebellion to God and His Word.

Welcome to the forum btw.

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