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Help In Finding Previous Post.

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Trying to find the post which had the video link showing our fellow IFBs running the isles and falling into the baptistery. I want to show my Pastor on what we've been missing. Thanks :coverlaugh:

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I've always wondered, whenever I see this kind of stuff (and, yes, it can be funny) - where is the edification?  How does running up and down the aisles glorify God?  Somersaulting anywhere, let alone into a baptistry (first time I've seen that one done, too)?  I don't have a problem with the shouting and raising of hands.  But the rest smacks of disorder, as salyan observed.

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That was a while ago! Not sure where it is, but here's a link to the video on Youtube.




That is one of the most hilarious videos I've ever seen, but, really what do they think they're doing? Was it staged for the video? They can't really be that crazy there, can they - it's the exact opposite of 'decently and in order'.  :bigshock:

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