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Homeless Blues



When you’ve gotten trampled by

the hand life dealt you, at first you

cry, why me, oh woe is me.


You wonder why with your mind all

boggled, why you were sent all this

trouble, you feel forsaken and wish it

would stop, maybe God wants to see

if you’ll flip or flop.


You learn to make do, learn harsh

lessons from the streets, these rules

ain’t written in books, some are hard

 to conceive.


The sad part is, you get used to the

life, you kinda forget how it used to be

like, the past seems like a dream, so

far away, so you live by three rules to

help you make it through each day…


1.Don’t lie, cheat, or steal, this is

not the way, your days are much

better without this pain.

       2. Do onto others as you hope

they’ll do unto you,

       3.  And keep our Lord as close as

you can, and pray. He’ll watch

over you.


It’s not very hard to end up this way.

More good people are added to the

streets each day.

Please don’t shun them

for being this way,

for you are truly closer

than you think

to being the same.


Thank you, and Good Day.


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I am not homeless myself, I have a happy home far beyond the clouds; a mansion, if you will accept it, awaits you too if you are saved.  It is just waiting for you.


Say "goodbye" to this old world,

Look up to the sky;

One day heaven will open up,

and receive you on high. 


Woe to life on this old earth,

full of sin and shame;

Look to heaven's glory land,

and  receive a brand new name.

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