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Cancer Doctor Under Fire For Providing False Hope To Patients

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Cancer doctor under fire for providing false hope to patients


Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is no newcomer to alternative medicine. According to Dr. David Gorski of the Science-Based Medicine blog, “Dr. Burzynski first gained fame for his cancer therapy back in 1988, when ‘Sally Jesse Raphael’ featured four ‘miracle’ patients of Burzynski’s, who, according to her, had had incurable cancer and failed conventional therapies but were rendered cancer-free, thanks to Dr. Burzynski. Unfortunately, four years later in 1992, ‘Inside Edition’ followed up these four patients and found that two of the four had died and a third had recurred, while the fourth had had bladder cancer with a good prognosis. In that report, the widow of one of Raphael’s guests reported that her husband and five others had sought treatment from Burzynski and that all had died."


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