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A Twin That Was Born Sunday

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We have some friends whose son and DIL had twins this past Sunday.  One of the girls is doing fine. The other, however, is not.  I'm quoting a description below.  Please be in prayer for the baby and her parents.  They are trusting the Lord, but it's awful hard to see your wee one sick...


From the baby's aunt:




She was born on Sunday, the smaller of twin girls, and today they think she may have an infection that may be contributing to some of her development delays. Our God delights to hear and answer our prayers, and I know it will encourage my brother and sister-in-law to know that you are praying. You could pray specifically that the infection will clear, that she will not have any more apnea episodes, that the caregivers and Hod and Cassie will have wisdom in decision-making, and that Kallie will get to come home soon.


Thanks so much!

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Kallie's mom posted today:



Kate and I will be going home today! Kate is doing well, and her bilirubin levels have leveled off so no jaundice. Just have to keep her bundled up since she doesn't have much body fat.

Kallie seems to be doing great. When I spoke with the nurse this morning she said she did fine throughout the night. No word yet on any of the cultures that were drawn yesterday. By lunch time tomorrow I think we should have the results. She looks great and is eating well.

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