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TPTB.   In case there is a question what people I am referring to when I use the term "the power's that be", here is one: Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase.  Jamie has had a hand in every major banking scandal of the last decade.  This article tell about all the fines that the bank has paid for some of their illegal activities but where is the prosecution on felony charges for Jamie and his buddies.  Little wheel Bernie Madoff went to jail but big wheel Jamie Dimon still keeps on wheelin' and dealin'.  In the not too distant future the whole scam that is the world's financial system is going to crumble down around our ears and the little man will be bust but the big guys will be off on some island with their vaults full of gold and silver.


Take a look of what these guys get away with.  If you or I attempted to pull off any one of these scams we would be in prison for a long time.




God bless,


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I have always believed that it is people like this, the big wheels, the 'string pullers', if you will, that think they are running things, are who the Bible refers to as "wicked men" who 'wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived".


They deceive, because they try to make people think the system works, that the president and the government are legitimately elected, and that all is well, while they secretly pull the strings and run things. Yet, they, themselves are deceived, because their strings are being pulled by the Devil, whose strings are ultimately being pulled by the Lord, who does all things after His own will. Any power the devil has, he has only because the Lord allows it, yet even he is being used of the Lord to acheive His final goal, when He wins.


Don't mistake this for Calvinism-it is foreknowledge-the Lord knows what will happen, and He arranges for all those things to draw in a certain way to acheive His will. He uses the wickedness of wicked men to bring about the end, when He will return and rule on earth, ultimately bringing about a new heaven and a new earth.

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