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Audio Player For Website?

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I've spent HOURS looking for an audio player to put on a website that I can use for an audio Bible.  I've tried several, but seeing as I'm no HTML expert, I can't figure out how to get them to work on a Weebly site.


Does anyone know of an audio player (with List capability) that you can simply upload MP3 files into (not MP3 URLs) and then simply put it on a website with an embed code?


I found a couple that will do that, but they only allow a few hundred MBs...the audio Bible is 1.2 GBs.


I'd prefer something free  :biggrin: ...but I'd be willing to pay if it will do what I've described.


As of now, I've uploaded the audio Bible to the Internet Archive site, and I'm using their player.  It works great, but I'd like to have my own rather than being dependent on someone else.

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Well, after M...A...N...Y hours of turmoil, mistakes, trial & error, nearly there's, and hopes dashed...I finally have an audio Bible on my website with my own player.


I tried to avoid it, but I ended up having to make URLs for each chapter of the Bible.


I won't go into everything that I went through with this...it was a nightmare that was well worth it in the end.


And yes, the player was free.   :biggrin:

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