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The Rich Suffer Too. . . .

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The rich suffer too . . . . they suffer from affluenza.  :musicboohoo:




Knowing that the rich suffer so badly must really make poverty easier to take for the kid in the ghetto.  The poor black kid goes to prison for an ounce of crack and the rich kid goes to expensive rehab. . . . seems fair.  But then who said the world was fair, right.  I suppose is the rich kid suffers remorse, (which is questionable) that is enough, I guess.  After all the kid is already suffering from affluenza.  Wouldn't want to heap any more suffering on him.


Sorry for the anger.  This stuff just reminds me of how things went when I was a teenager. 


God bless,




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It's always been like this. The rich have affluence and they buy special treatment. This is pointed out in Scripture and Jesus warns Christians not to follow such practices but to view and treat all people, regardless of their being rich or poor, equally.

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