Forever Will I Praise God

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I don't know were to start because God has done so much for my family and I, I would like to share this with everyone here but right now I just wont to Praise God for every time hes held me when I've cried, for every time hes picked me up and carried me when I could no longer go on, for every trial I've suffered and what hes taught me to be, for the little faith I once had and how hes made my faith strong, forever will I Praise God.

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Amen! Reminds me of Psalm 103 where we are told to remember all the benefits of the Lord. That's something I try to purposefully take the time to be mindful of. It's so easy to get sidetracked, even discouraged, by some of the stuff that comes our way. When we take the time to remember all the times the Lord has held us, lifted us back up, provided for us, protected us, opened His Word to us, grown our faith, blessed us with our loved ones, good pastors, and so much more, it really helps to reset our eyes, mind and heart upon the Lord where they should be.


Great posting EK!

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