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Do You Have A Choice?

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#21 John81


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Posted 02 April 2014 - 06:32 AM

There are not enough born again Christians in America to win an election on their own. Not enough secular Christians, so-called conservatives or others would join together with born again Christians to support a third party that was truly Christian in standards.


Not voting for certain candidates or positions is a viable option. If one is facing a choice on a ballot between a really bad candidate and an even worse candidate, it's a viable option to vote for neither in that category and go on to the next section of the ballot.


The primaries is where Christians could have a strong voice. Even though the powers that be try to limit the choices even in primaries, there is at least usually some candidates who aren't totally sold out in the running. However, Christians, conservatives and others continually fail to take advantage of the primaries, which allows the party powerful to promote their own and the more "moderate" and liberal portions of the Party, with media support, to determine who the candidate will be.


If nothing else, the Ron Paul supporters showed how a small but determined group can effect big results. This even to the point where the Party machine used manipulation and outright tampering to curtail the positive impact such was having for the Ron Paul candidacy.


Meanwhile, Christians were fickle and without any sense of loyalty or purpose. They flocked first to Bachmann, then at the first sign of bad press dropped her for the next in line, until some bad press caused them to scatter like rats from a burning building to the next, then the cycle kept repeating itself until we ended up others choosing the candidate. Thus at the end of the last two presidential primaries we had left leaning, big time compromisers as the candidate.


What might happen if Christians were to engage in long term, concerted, consistent direct prayer regarding candidates and coming elections years before the elections rather than just putting forth a general call for prayer at the last minute?

#22 Ukulelemike


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Posted 02 April 2014 - 09:16 AM

To be honest, I would vote for an honest atheist who was a strict constitutionalist. When Jessie Ventura was governor, he personally is pretty anti-Christian, but from his place as governor, he upheld the constitution, knowing it wasn't his place to act just according to his likes or dislikes.


And I might have an issue with voting for an outspoken Christian, because most of those in politics are Romneys and Palins, one a mormon, the other a pentecostal, both with a bit of dominionist in them. See, most of the political Christian types think it is our job to rule by the Bible, which in some aspects of course, is a good thing, meaning, lead through obedience to the laws of the land, and keep yourself personally unspotted by the world. But many would try to , make biblical laws, and with the exception of the OT laws, there really aren't any, save some already on the books, ie, murder, kidnapping, theft, etc.  Honestly, I would be afraid of what a 'Christian' by today's standards, President would do. Could be worse than what's been done up till now. 


But someone who honestly believes in the tenents of the constitution, who believes that the things written therein are the absolute law of the land, regardless of their personal feelings, I would trust.


This is not a perfect idea, by the way. I am sure that there could be good, godly Christians who would hold tenaciously to the constitution, as well as the Bible in their personal life, but none of the "Christian" candidates we have seen to date are not that. No Pat Robertsons or Mitt Romneys or Sarah Palins, please.

#23 swathdiver



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Posted 02 April 2014 - 09:25 AM

Atheists rule by their belly, no Constitution is going to stop them.  By default, they are Statists.

#24 HappyChristian


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Posted 02 April 2014 - 10:49 AM

That's not always true, swath.  There are many atheists who are libertarians - quite vocal about supporting the Constitution.  


I think it's interesting to note that Roger Williams, one of the first notable Baptists here in America (and persecuted for his "free-thinking" ways by Puritan and Pilgrim alike) said that this country needs a guiding document that even an atheist, if elected, would be constrained to follow and thus protect the religious liberties we are given by God.  This was quite a while before our Constitution, indeed, even long before the War for Independence.  And he was right.  The founders wrote a document that, if followed, would restrict the government from becoming lords and masters. However, too many Americans - and notably Christians - are lazy when it comes to the issues and who is running, and have allowed this mess to come to pass. Pretty excuses are always given, but an excuse is simply a lie wrapped in the skin of a reason... 

#25 "I am chief"

"I am chief"

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 01:34 PM

 A Muslim on one side and Mormon on the other not much of a difference, which one to vote for is a problem when you're a christian ? are there enough Christians to start a third party whom will allow God to lead,  if so" Victory is ours''  and if not " Even so, Come, Lord Jesus "

Both lost, yes. Then it boils down to which one will provide for and allow for my God given rights. I'll continue to stick to my position...voting for a loser is just another way of promoting the one who works hardest for the devil. However, God gives us what we deserve...anybody for an ice cold obama kool aid?

#26 EKSmith



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Posted 02 April 2014 - 02:55 PM

When troubles have surrounded me I get on on my knees, looking up I pray,  our Nation is in this very same condition today, Yet fails to get on it's knees, and fails to look up and pray.

Yes indeed God gives us what we deserve. 

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