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Oprah To Star In "shack" Movie

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She might as well, her theology is at least as messed up as the author of the shack, if not more so.

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A book by the lost, for the lost, casted by the lost, into a movie for Christians to flock to.  

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Considering it was Christians that turned the book into a best seller it's likely to be Christians that turn the movie into a hit.


It was bad enough hearing so many pastors talking about how good the book was and how Christians should read it and learn new perspectives, all while dismissing or downplaying the OBvious and egregious errors and sins within the book, but now we'll have to go through it all over again when the movie comes out.


I read an article somewhere yesterday where many pastors are denouncing those pastors who have spoken out against "Heaven is for Real". Their basic claim is that all the "little things" some pastors have "nit-picked" about should be ignored so everyone can embrace the movie and be encouraged by it.


How little the Bible is consulted or held to these days, even by many pastors.


Truly the fear of God is absent when so many Christians willingly and easily dismiss the clear Word of God in favor of embracing books and movies that make them feel good, that they think make Christians look good, that present a god (not THE God of Scripture) that's more to their liking.

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