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No contention here, "TheSword" believes that every word in the KJV to be an potential error because of how "definitions change over the years". He'll let us know when he gets his lexicon out.


The prOBlem in this forum, as in all of America, people think being nice is being spiritual and nOBody wants to call it like it is. 


Anyone who waves his bible around proclaiming it to be the word of God without error then corrects it at every chance he/she can is a lying hypocrite.


How's that be being kind?


You know...with most things in life I’m able to let personal attacks false accusations roll right off of me; but you’ve taken it beyond too far.


How dare you presume to know what I believe. If you had actually read any of my posts you would know that I consistently tout the unparalleled accuracy of the KJV in rendering the Greek/Hebrew and that it is without error. If you actually read any of my posts you would know that I have never attempted to correct an KJV English rendering with a Greek or Hebrew word, and that I am overly careful not to. If you actually read any of my posts you would know that I only ever use the original languages to narrow range of meaning for the English word and enhance the understanding of it. How dare you bear false witness against me. What? Know ye not that a false witness that speaketh lies and he that soweth discord among brethren are an abomination unto God (Pro  6:16-19)?


How dare you call me a hypocrite.  I’ve made all of this plainly clear every time it’s come up and always uphold the authority, accuracy, and inerrancy of the KJV and only supplement other resources for better understanding it. How dare you call me a hypocrite when you sit there and claim English superiority and show a remarkably poor grasp of the language, its usage, or its history. How dare you call me a hypocrite when you claim to be a Christian and then seethe contention and malice rather showing love to your neighbors and brethren (Matt 22:39; John 13:34-34, 15:12, 15:17). Why do you call Him Lord and do not the things that He says (Luke 6:46)? What? Know ye not that revilers will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor 6:9-10)?


After taking a few days of cooling off I got on to respond to a couple of personal messages. I let my curiosity get the better of me and decided to check a notification from this thread. Why, I’ll never know. You’ve cemented the decision to leave this forum for good because you’ve sullied the environment beyond the point of Christ-honoring edification. Shame on you. I hope for your sake and the sake of those who will continue on OB that you take some serious prayer time and figure out how to treat your brothers and sisters in Christ with love and respect, because this vile garbage absolutely breaks the heart of God and if your unkind and unloving attitude chases away someone earnestly seeking Jesus Christ you'll have to live with that for eternity...and so will they.

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And with that, I think we'll close this thread.  Sword, I do hope you change your mind about leaving. 


I think it would be a real good idea for all of us to stop and take stock of how so many have been addressing each other on this forum.  I know there are some who believe that being contentious and nasty is a good and proper way to address people who don't see eye-to-eye on every last jot and tittle with themselves, but it is not biblical, no matter how often one tries to assert their rightness in employing it.


I echo Sword.  Shame on you.

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