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Many Payers Needed

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I called my mother yesterday to wish a happy mothers day and she told me that my younger brother has liver cancer and doesn't want any kind of treatment he just wants to die. he is not saved and has rejected my older brother and I when we have shared the gospel with him in the past.

I live about 400 miles from my mom and will be flying there this weekend my older brother is in Alaska and can't get there until June. 

I ask that you will pray that my brother will not reject seeing me and his heart be soften that he will trust in Jesus as his savior.

My mother is 85 and my brother is living with her and shes unable to take care of him he has three son's that he will not allow to see him because he claims they hate him, his son's are all born again Christians and love him very much

I ask that you will pray for God soften his heart toward his son's and he will allow them to help him.


I also ask for prayer for our mother she is taking this very hard and her heart is very weak her the doctors have told her she would not make it through another heart attack.

Pray that the lord will give her strength and His peace through this time


It's very hard living so far away and I cant be there all the time I have been in continued prayer for my brother for many years, I've witnessed and won lost souls for Jesus many times but this one has been the hardest.

Please Pray 


Thank you and God bless you for your prayers 

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Can you take Mom home with you for a while to lessen the stress cause by Mr. Selfish?  Praying...

I've been trying to get to her to let me take care of her for a long time and it would be prayers answered if she would come and live with my wife and I when I get there this weekend I'm hoping that the lord will answer our prayers and she'll come back with me for a while.

thank you brother for your prayers

God bless     

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