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The Wolfowitz Doctrine And Russia

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Near total control.


American leadership wants to be able to tell the rest of the world what they can and can't do even as they do whatever they want. It's the old "do as I say, not as I do" approach.


There is no security threat to America with regards to the mess in Ukraine. The reason liberals are upset is because they hate Putin because he has stood up against the spread of homosexuality (banning the promotion of homosexuality, banning adoption by homosexuals, etc.) and has claimed Russia to be a Christian nation (we know it's Orthodox, but to liberals it's all the same), and he's made their president look bad. Republicans are up in arms because they see this as a chance to look tough, to fight OBama's military cuts, to demand increases in the military, to put American troops in more countries and perhaps get themselves another war.


America under OBama and the EU meddled in Ukraine's internal affairs, creating a fake uprising against a legally and democratically elected president in an effort to have the political clout to turn Ukraine into their sphere of influence. When all this blew up in their face and they were faced with being caught with their hands in the cookie jar they turned to their old standby of fake outrage and now they are chasing their tails and crying because Putin doesn't care.

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