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What About Our 'own' Convictions?

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Don't say baptism isn't immersion, but argue that the Bible doesn't teach what it is?

So what is the REAL point of your arguing then?

It is no argument the Bible does not teach how it is done.  And that was said in the very first post I made on convictions of those who don't hold to our convictions.

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Who defines what is or isn't clear?


Whether the issue in question or matters such as women's role in church, tithe, details of the return of Christ, etc., there are differing views which has some on all sides claiming the matter is clear to them even while others acknowledge they don't see clarity in one or more area.


I agree that we should love our brothers/sisters in Christ even if we disagree on certain points, and if we confront them on a point of difference it should be with the intent of helping them, not condemning or battering them.


Myself, after much diligent study of the matter, I fully believe Scripture is perfectly clear that biblical water baptism is immersion.

Are you have never come across a subject where God was silent on an issue to which men hold?

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Well, 8 pages and we're just going round-and-round about the mode of baptism (totally off the OP, by the way...).


AVBB, I do understand what you are saying, but I have to say that I believe you are totally wrong about scripture not teaching how baptism is to be done.  You have made issue that we shouldn't have to go to definitions of words to find out what the Bible says, that we should just let the Bible explain itself...and you have applied that to baptism.  PrOBlem is, your conclusion is that, while you yourself immerse and would do no other, since you claim scripture is silent, others who have different conclusions can do differently and still be right.


But therein leads to confusion. And God is not the author of confusion.


Scripture teaches very clearly that baptism is a picture of our being dead, buried, and resurrected in Christ.  The mode is right there: buried.  One cannot be buried unless one is put under completely.  All else is not burial.  Plain and simple.  To claim that the Bible is silent on the mode of baptism is wrong: God said burial. Burial is putting under, ergo immersion is the mode God teaches.  That's using the Bible to explain the Bible.  (of course, we can get picky and say that burial in that area at that time was in caves...but, again, their entire body was placed inside the tomb...they didn't just have a wee bit of dirt sprinkled on them, nor were their bodies partially put into the tomb.  The whole body was buried.)


I know you may be upset that I don't give you a chance to respond to this, since I am locking this thread.  But as I said earlier, we are just going round-and-round.  And it's not getting anyone anywhere. So...'tis time to lock.

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