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Employer Paid Contraception

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Please note this is posted in the HUMOR  section...


If a woman's chosen form of contraception is to keep her clothes on does her employer have to pay for her wardrOBe?  

I am sure congress is working on a program that will have the taxpayers pay for it.  "After all it would seem to be a feminine rights issue," :th_wellduh: He said humorlessly.



God bless,


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Not really funny, but one place I worked years ago the same woman was caught several times having "relations" with a man (a different man on each occasion) during working hours, right there at work.


At meal time several workers would pile into a van in the parking lot and smoke pot the entire time. When they opened the van to get out a fog of smoke came with them.


I'm sure the government has plans and programs for all of them.

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Hypocrites without shame! They still demand government stay out of the bedroom when that mantra suits their agenda (such as with sexual perversion) but then demand the government get involved in bedroom matters when it helps their agenda (government paying or forcing others to pay for abortions, contraception).


Many of these hypocrites are also radical feminists who demand that women be treated the same as men, who proclaim women are capable of anything men are, who demand their "right" to be totally free and independent because they are exceptionally capable. Yet these same "strong" women cry and whine that there is just now way they can buy their own birth control pills, pay for their own abortions and unless the government provides these they can't figure out a way to be independent and have control of their own bodies. (hmmm, wouldn't saving sex until after marriage, keeping ones clothes on, loving ones baby instead of wanting to murder that baby, all give women "control of their own bodies" without government involvement?)

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