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People Or Pawns

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This is a rhetorical question.  Do people matter to this man?

I am going to attach an article and a couple of videos to this post so you can arrive at an answer.




While I watched these videos and listened to people who were traveling north speak of the condittions at home and along their journey my heart went out to them as any Christians should.

These poor people did not start this prOBlem, they are just some of the victims.  The other victims are the Americans who's standard of living and way of life is being destroyed by this migration.


In these videos you can hear from the people who are coming why they are coming.  They are on a trek to a place who's streets are paved with gold, a place where life is very good, unlike the hunger, poverty, and unhappiness of the places they come from.  Why do they are on a trip to the holy land?  Because they are constantly bombarded by information (or is it propoganda?) from the north of the good jOBs and government help awaiting them.  Some of this information comes to them from those who have made the trek before.  That is not propoganda (the people who do come here have it better than they did where they came from). 





The promises of jOBs and a better life was began by American business men in search of cheap labor.  Tired of having to compete for the labor of the citizens of America with better wages and working conditions, they found it expedient to bring in people from other lands (people who are used to living on nothing and expecting little from their labors).


Then the businesses pay the politicians to turn the other way or pass laws to expedite their neferious scheme.  This all works so well for all involved in this venture that unemployment (actual numbers, not phoney government numbers) has reached 23%, and we have a migration prOBlem of insane preportions.


The psychopaths that run the USSA know they are destroying the nation.  The psychopaths that run the USSA rather destroy the planet than let the world influencing political power they possess slip from their psychotic grasp. That's what psychopaths do.


Enough.  I'm beginning to ramble again.  Let God's will be done.


God bless,



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Political expediency and pushing of ideology is more important to the leaders than is anything so mundane as the lives of people they don't really care about.


As OBama said the other day, he doesn't have to run for election again so he can do and say as he pleases without concern for what others may think.


So illegals pack into America and drain local communities, counties and States dry of funds and the federal government offers more freebies to them at the cost of increased taxes, lost jOBs and other burdens upon Americans.


Apparently no major concern that street gangs are mixing in with the illegals and using time in detention to recruit.


Someone should show these people video from Detroit, Chicago and the gang ravaged streets of other American cities so they can see just how "safe and prosperous" life in America can be for them.

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Seems like the agreement between OBama and the Quatamalan President is working as planned.




God bless,


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All of the leaders of the countries involved are complicit in this deliberate invasion. It's understandable the reasoning behind those in these other countries sending folks here but extremely sad and telling that the American president is a party to the invasion of the country he swore to defend.

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