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I should have finished the perimeter fence this spring instead of building the greenhouse.

My next door neighbor who lets her great dane run free, and has already been coming in my yard, just blessed us with more. Thanks to Facebook we can all share in the joy......





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That could mean a whole lot of fun in the near future!


Someone finally complained enough that our neighbors to the south finally started keeping their dogs in their own yard. Now it's just everyones cats running all over the place and leaving messes in our yard.

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I can usually deal with cats. However, there was this one tomcat which kept coming at night to fight with my Wife's tom. We lived in a tin-roofed mOBile home at the time and most nights they would race across the roof and the tom would jump off onto a nearby pine tree to escape. But one night that big tom had my wife's cat pinned to the ground by the steps, holding him in a death-grip by his neck. I went back into the house, selected a .22 rifle, and sent him to his ''long home''.


But you have to be careful of killing people's ''fur children'' because they, for the most part, can't or won't comprehend that it's not OK for their ''loving'' ''sweet'' dog to roam the neighbors' property and do as it pleases with it's predatory nature. I've had our dogs attacked, chickens killed, rabbits killed and my son threatened on our own front porch.  It gets old pretty quick.

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Years ago we had to pump some BBs into a neighbors German Shepherd to keep it from attacking our chickens.


The neighbor came to the house, asked if I had shot his dog with a BB gun and then looked totally shocked when I said "yes". When he eventually decided to try and act mad and tough I told him I could have shot his dog with a rifle and if his dog comes back again that's just what I would do.


Amazing how that dog never "got loose" again. (The neighbor would always claim the dog had "got loose" rather than admit he let him loose)

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This mean you got puppies coming ,  we have just the thing you need '' Gators " we got so many that it was just made legal to hunt them again about a week ago one was killed about a mile from my house that was 15 ft. I use to have a lot of stray dogs and cats coming around but I think I know now why I'm not seeing them anymore Gators eating them. I live on a tidal creek and had one about 6 ft in the yard he was going after my chickens I got my 270 and shot him and grilled his tail.

I think I would rather put up with the strays though at least they'll run from you.  


Praying for you brother 

God bless

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