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Another Family Needs Our Prayers

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I cannot put their names here because he has asked not to.  But they need our prayers.  I am not sure if this man is saved,  I met him in the mission field he seems to know a lot of many religions but he may not be committed to any.


I gave his some advice on some issues and then I presented unto him the Gospel of the grace of God. 


They are in this foreign land and have ran out of money and food, he has not eaten in many days and has lost a lot of weight and is anemic, his wife is showing symptoms of a deficiency disorder meaning she is lacking vitamins, minerals, hormons or all three.  She is in a state of irritability and is unstable emotional outbursts.


I am out of work at the moment as my back slipped out of place again this last week.  If I had even a little money I would send it to him to help.  they have one child a little boy.


Please pray for them.  that God will touch their lives and they will be saved and he would provide for them.


Do this daily even hourly as God leads.


I have given them info on the Bible Believers Baptist Church there and an American pastor there who can visit and follow up with them.


thank you all

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