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Better Explanation?

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This could be why the Kiev government forces trying so hard to keep the international inspectors from accessing the crash site of the Malaysian airliner.

It would also explain why Washington is not attempting to stop them from messing up the crash site.




God bless,


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Interesting. I've wondered why in past situations America and others have been very aggressive in gaining access to crash sites but in this case they have not.


Earlier when this incident was yet fresh there were reports that Ukraine had sought to down Putin's plane, which looked very similar to the Malaysian plane, but had mistakenly shot the Malaysian plane. Perhaps there was some merit to those reports which quickly got pushed aside.


One of the evils of war is the severity of accidents and mistakes that occur and how such are often twisted into propaganda efforts against one or both sides. Caught in the middle, besides those who suffer directly, are the families which are lied to, kept in the dark, misused and put through much more grief upon grief.


Eventually, perhaps the truth may be known, whatever the truth of this is.

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Did they say who placed the mines?


I heard reports the pro-Russian forces were hampering people getting to the site but then later reports said it was actually the Ukrainians blocking people.

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I don't know - I didn't read the whole article, partly because you can't know who is telling the truth.
Fact is there are mines around the site, presumably to keep "bad guys" from interfering, but it is stopping our investigators from getting close enough to have a look.
Why is it so hard for outside investigators to check it?
We just have to trust what they say?????

Unless there is something seriously covert about a passenger on the plane I think we have to assume that someone got trigger happy, and whoever it was, his "boss" doesn't want to take the blame.

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The site is in Ukraine so one has to wonder if the Ukrainian forces are blocking the site or the separatists.


I try to read several news sources, because as you say, they can't be trusted to tell the truth. Sometimes the truth and be picked from among a few sources but even if not, a broader perspective can usually be gained.


Indeed, it's likely this was a mistake by whoever shot down the plane. Did separatist forces targeting Ukrainian fighters accidently hit this plane? Did Ukrainian forces try to shoot down Putin's plane but got this one instead? Did someone on one side or the other simply see a plane and shoot?


At this point it's almost impossible for us to know.

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