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Way Of Life - Lying Evolutionary Art, The Horse

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The worst part is that much of what even the scientists say is false is still being included in modern textbooks.
Ernst Haekel (sp?) With his embryo pictures is a prime example.

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That's true Dave. Even clearly debunked "evidence" is still in textbooks, and other books, and being taught in schools.


I still remember seeing these pictures for the first time in science books when I was in fifth grade. Our fifth and sixth grade science teacher was really big into teaching the evolution stuff. That's where I first had my mind filled with man evolving from monkeys, the primordial soup spawning life, the big bang, pictures of those embryos, the timeline of man's evolution starting with a monkey, the an upright ape like creature, cavemen looking men, on to a modern man, those horse timelines with the tiny horse looking thing and assorted looking ones between there and modern horse.


Words are one thing, but couple those words with images and the impact is far greater.


Public schools, TV and movies use images to great effect in implanting their ungodly theories into young and old minds alike.

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