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Chuck Norris in jail

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Chuck Norris got thrown in jail for preaching the gospel.  Because they knew Chuck could be dangerous, they put him in with long-term prisoners.  After things got quiet, somebody down the cellblock shouted "twenty six!!!!!"  All the prisoners laughed.   Then when things quieted down, another prisoner shouted "thirty-five", and they all laughed again.  Chuck asked his long-term cell mate "what's going on?"  The old jailbird explained..."we have been here so long, we know all the jokes and have them numbered".   Chuck said, "cool!!!" and shouted out "twenty three!!!!".   Nobody laughed.  Chuck tried again, a little louder...."TWENTY THREE!!!!", and again nobody laughed.  "What's wrong?" Chuck asked his cell mate.  "How come nobody laughs when I shout out a number?!?!?".  Knowing it was Chuck Norris that the cell mate was talking to, he said  as gently as he could, "Chuck, some people just don't know how to tell a joke".


had to take a break from Hell fire and brimstone preaching against atheism....thank you very much

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