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What makes a Church IFB?


Hi all, I am not trying to start any disagreement, but this is something that I have struggled with for a while. What really make a church IFB? It seems that there are a lot of churches that take very different posisitions on a lot of issues and still consider themselves IFB. Your thoughts are appreciated. 

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1) It's Baptist in doctrine and therefore follows baptism by submersion.

2) Only believers can partake in communion. 

3) Personal salvation by faith in Jesus Christ to be a member of the local church. 

4) It's independent (autonomous) and not affiliated with other churches though it will fellowship with other churches centered around the word of God. It's democratic rule although the pastor's authority should be respected.

5) Fundamental in doctrine. There are around five basic fundamentals of the faith but some churches require you to hold to more.

I'm sure there are other who could add more to this list but this basically makes up what an IFB church is.


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