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This morning's update:

Last week, Attila's irregular heartbeats restarted, and he had a fainting episode. This Thursday, he collapsed and was admitted to the hospital for two days. Aside from his heartbeat issues, he has a partially separated shoulder and cracked a rib (and a slight bump on the head).

We were able to bring Attila home this evening, and we have cardiology and orthopedic surgeon appointments this next week. Please pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors, as he has now passed out three times in the past five weeks. 

Attila is in good spirits, and it is hard to tell how much pain he is in, as the kids and I have learned that the more he makes jokes and kids around, the worse pain he is in....at the hospital, they gave him IV pain meds (Dilaudid), and they were higher doses, so he was able to get some relief from the pain.

We are very blessed, as God has provided for our needs in so many ways. I am always amazed at how our children look at this situation like a new adventure. At the hospital, Samuel, Daniel and Esther would share Attila's bed space, and they are so loving to him. Today, we had a hospital picnic in Attila's room, and we had a great time with our pastor and Mrs. Teesdale. They feel like family to us and our children. We are so blessed!!


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Please keep praying for Atilla and Kimberly. They need the Lord's strength and healing. Latest update:

We covet your prayers!

The latest...
Please pray for us tonight and this morning. Attila is back in the hospital. He had another episode, and they admitted him. He also hurt his wrist, shoulder, and knee. Tomorrow, they have him meeting with an electrophysiologist (heart electrician), a neurologist and an orthopedic surgeon (his shoulder is now separated worse than his previous fall).

At the hospital, they took CT scans, MRI, and they put him on IV dosages of pain medications.

We are starting to get concerned with the next steps, because we thought we would be past this by now, and it almost feels like being back where we started. Our lease and the financial coverage for our stay runs out in the next few months, and we are working to raise funds to continue until Attila's problems can be fixed or made more stable.

Attila has been refinishing furniture to raise funds, but his health has forced him to stay in bed and rest lately. Please pray for him, because he needs/wants to at least work on furniture to keep his sanity and us above water - he is also getting very good at what he is doing. On the 27th, it will be exactly one year when all of this started. In some ways, it feels like yesterday and in some other ways, it feels like 20 years ago.

We love having a home, having a great church to attend, and even having a new profession of working on furniture. We (Attila and I) are just getting tired lately, and we need your prayers 1f642.png:) Between the health problems, the finance unknowns, and the medical unknowns, we are a little worn down. God has been so good to us in the past year, and HE has blessed us in unbelievable ways. This setback was a little harder on Attila and I, and we just need prayer and help to get us through.


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Things have been quiet on the Attila front until this past week. Here is an update. I thank you for praying for our friends.

"Update on Attila. During the past week, Attila has had some new and very intense issues with his heart. On Friday, he felt worse than at any time during the past 17 months. He is now in the ICU cardiac area, and the doctors shared with us that he has a new heart issue. They recognized that the way his EKG looks, this is a completely new issue.

Tonight, they started him on a "black box drug" (given that name because it can cause death when first taken) and he has to stay in the hospital while they monitor his heart activity. They are giving him EKG every two hours. The next step is surgery - the cardiologist just left his room, and he will watch him all night, but they also discussed next steps and surgery. The idea is to try the new drug and to see the impact on his erratic heart and to have the surgery this Wednesday or Thursday. He will be off of his feet for about 14 days, at least. Please pray as this came at a tough time for us, and it caught us completely off guard."

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The latest news:

 "They are planning Attila;s surgery for 2-3 weeks from now. Since this will require a more invasive procedure, they will map it out and then perform the surgery. We do have concerns from between then and now, and we are praying that God provides for the rough moments and calms Attila's heart until the surgery date."

Their finances are in jeopardy as well. Attila had just gotten going on a furniture refinishing business which was seeing some good results. Now that's come to a standstill. That, and the added expense of once again traveling to the hospital, parking, etc., is putting an extra strain on Kimberly. I know we all face times of ill health and financial crisis, but this family is really going through it. Please pray for the financial aspect of it as well as the physical and spiritual. The children have the opportunity to see God work in ways many children don't. 

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