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An Interesting Fix For a Potential Problem


Some of the banner ads load as Flash videos on a PC. If pages are loading slowly the problem may be with a plug-in called “Flash”.  Flash has problems and can be blocked via settings in your browser.

I have had the unfortunate experience of unexplainable keyboard and mouse problems. I noticed the mouse cursor problems mostly on message board formats while I was online. Many times I would click on where I wanted the cursor to appear, only to have it disappear before I could type. Or, it would mysteriously disappear while I was typing and the letters I had typed did not appear. This fix I am going to post did away with this problem as well as pages loading slowly because of a faulty “Flash” plug-in.

Here is a simple fix that will disable the Flash plug-in, it worked for me and I thought I would share it in case others were having problems like this.

How To Disable Flash In All Web Browsers

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