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A friend's son...

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We just received this email this morning:

  " Jonathan was in a serious accident on Friday morning. He had a shear to his brain from the whiplash-the brain shifted inside his skull.

   The last MRI on Jon’s brain showed that the shear on his brain was severe-many broken/bleeding neurons that often do not show up on the scan, but in this case are very prominent which shows considerable tears. The next couple days are the most critical. They may bring him out of the induced coma on Monday and have no idea of the results: brain dead, normal or somewhere in between."

This is one of the sons of very good friends of ours. They headed out for the 12-hour-drive this morning, as have their other kids. Please pray for them. For Jonathan, their request is God's will (he is married, so his wife needs prayer, too). For them for wisdom in communicating with their kids. And, we would add: for the entire family to grow closer to God through this. 

@BroMatt - do you remember the Grants? This is their son.

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I just received word:

"It was difficult yesterday and not looking good, but he was stable so they took him off the sedative drugs. He maintained through the day and night so they took a pressure sensing "bolt" out of his head this morning. He is breathing on his own which is good, but still in a coma. He may be in that state for days, weeks, or months. When he comes to, they have no idea what is state he will be in. They do know the brain damage was severe. All are here, Hannah coming tomorrow, and Ben on Thurs. His wife Laura will hardly leave his side, but trusting God and will be with him to the end, whatever that may be. God certainly is orchestrating all this and part of his plan. Pat Gordon sent a pastor he knows from here to visit. They are having a prayer meeting tomorrow afternoon for him. The military is amazing, wanting to cover all travel expenses. We have a peace but don't know what the outcome will be. We are planning to be here till Friday."

They appreciate the prayer. As do we.

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Just got this update:

"Jon is stable. They did an MRI yesterday and were able to identify no neck injury so they could take off the neck brace. This morning they did a tracheotomy and a direct feeding line into the stomach so all tubes are out of his mouth and he looks so much better. He looks like he'll be perfectly fine, but the doctors always let us know they have no idea what will be when he wakes up. Some severe brain injuries like his come out fine after a time, others less severe were vegetables."


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I'm sorry I haven't posted any recent updates. Jon was moved to Virginia to a clinic that specializes in slowly bringing people back to consciousness. He has made progress. In the video I posted, you'll see him perform things (the machine performs some, too), but he is still not completely conscious.  He's been able to respond to certain commands, and I think this is the video where he takes his first swallow of food.

It is amazing and miraculous! He still has a long row to hoe, but God is definitely working. I know the family greatly appreciates the prayer.

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