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a pastor, a priest and a rabbi

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A pastor, a priest and a rabbi were in the habit of meeting weekly for some religious banter with one another.  On a given day the three friends met and discussed what the week had brought their way.  The pastor stated he had finished an interesting book suggesting that animals had the capacity to be turned to God.  After a lengthy discussion the three decided that the following week each would do their best to convert an animal to God and agreed to meet the following week to discuss their conclusions.

Soon the next week was upon them and found them meeting at their normal place.  The pastor and the priest sat waiting patiently for the rabbi to join them and after waiting for several minutes the pastor said that he had indeed went into the woods and opened his bible and preached the message of conversion to the woodland creatures afterward it seemed to him that one of the wolves bowed his head in humility suggesting he might have responded to the message in conversion.

The priest listened with fascination and then he also told of his experience the past week with a woodland animal in which he shared mass and then in an miracle after mass the beast turned and jumped in the water indicating it had been converted.  As the pastor and the priest discussed their astonishing discoveries the rabbi was pushed in a wheel chair to the table.  The priest and the pastor looked at him in astonishment, he had bandages around his head, one of his arms was in a cast and both of his legs were in short casts below the knees.  He had scars on his face and he looked a mess. 

Both the pastor and the priest asked rabbi in unison “what in the world happened to you?” To which the rabbi responded.

Last week we all decided to go into the woods and confront the animals in nature and see if they could be converted.  Well I went into the woods and the first creature I came upon was a very large bear, I looked at him and he looked at me, and I thought to myself well I might as well get started in converting.  When I woke up it came to me that I probably should not have started with circumcision.



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