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So often, we are wrapped up in our life of ease without realizing all that the Lord blesses us with...even the most minute details of our daily lives. As I ponder this, I realize all that the Lord has done for me. No, my family is not "well-off" and enjoy the temporal comforts that money can bring. We struggle day-to-day...often wondering how ends will meet. Still, the Lord has proven himself strong on our behalf through all of these years.

As I look at our present circumstances, I realize the great responsibility that has been granted and placed upon a husband, a father, a man, and a man of God. It's times like these that sort the wheat from the chaff in secular responsibilities and God-given responsibilities...which are intertwined for those of us who name Christ. I pray that I will be found faithful and strong. I praise the Lord for allowing me this opportunity...but more than that...I praise him for assuring me that when I may "labour and be heavy laden", he will give me rest.

Thank you Lord, and I praise you for all that you are...

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