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John Yurich

Homeschool Education

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When I get married and have children they will be homeschooled. The school year will begin the day after Labor Day and end in the first week in March so that the school year is short. The homeschooling will be done while I, my wife and children are touring around the United States and Canada doing shows for the Country Music/Country Gospel Band that I plan on forming after I learn to play the guitar. The homeschooling will be done in the morning only.

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You may want to investigate what the parameters of a school year needs to be in the state in which you reside.  You may also want to consider that not everyone learns the same way.  Your child may need more than the time you've allotted to master the material necessary for his/her grade.  When your children are younger, you will want to ensure that they become excellent readers and accurate mathematicians.  This can often take more time than you have specified.  Finally, March to September is a long stretch of time for a child to remember the concepts learned previously.  It seems from your statement that this is all theoretical, but nonetheless, you may want to consider other factors before cementing your ideas.

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