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Customer calls awhile ago and wants me to send him his logo design as a "pdf" so he can get it put on Facebook. I questioned him "pdf?.......are you sure you don't want a jpeg?" "No, he says, it needs to be pdf cuz a jpeg won't work", I then tried to explain that I put them on Facebook all the time but I was just interrupted. So, instead of arguing, I dutifully retrieved the file from one CAD program, imported it into CorelDraw, converted it to pdf and emailed it to him. He calls back about a half hour later complaining that all I had ever sent him of the design were pdf's:4_6_2v: and what he needed was a jpeg. I said, "I've already sent you jpegs before and have NEVER sent you a pdf until you asked for it today. "No, he says, all you have ever sent were pdf's." So I went into my sent emails and looked; sure enough, I had sent him SEVERAL jpegs in several emails beginning in November 2016 along with a vector-based EPS which any graphic artist should be able to use. I have never sent this dude a pdf, ever. I started to send this explanation , but, what's the use. I converted the file to jpeg (again) attached it and clicked "send". :3531a34faafcd3d5ab8749a94f57319e: I just needed to rant. Happy Friday folks. It has been a good week, really. :)


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On ‎5‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 7:25 PM, weary warrior said:

You can't fix stupid. Not even with duct tape.

Yeah, and if duct tape cannot fix it, then it would require a miracle from God.

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