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Climate change

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16 minutes ago, swathdiver said:

They like to do this with hydroponic crops too.  Whatever they're growing, all the plants benefit from increased CO2.  So who's really trying to destroy the green planet?  It's the foolish liberals trying to limit carbon (dioxide) footprints.

Only a person totally opposed to the Lord can be wrong about, well, everything!

I think most tomatoes and cumbers grown under glass are grown with hydroponics.  The current fad is tomatoes ripened on the vine.  They look great, smell good but are watery and tasteless. There are some exceptions but they are expensive.  Fortunately I have had a good crop of toms from my garden this year, but the ones I grew under glass were a disaster.  

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About 15-20 miles from here is an area known as the Isle of Thanet.  It was a major cauliflower growing area for decades or more. One of the growers said the supermarkets recently would not even pay the price it cost him to produce them, so he rented his fields to a company called Thanet Earth.  They grow toms and cues by hydroponics all the year round most are tasteless. There was a news report on light pollution in the area and they showed a photo from space and Thanet Earth could clearly be seen as brighter than anywhere else in the area.

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